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Do you ever wonder why?

Well, for those that might have read my post the other day about blowing off some steam, you will know where I am going with this posting.

Mandy's new list...

It has been a while since I posted a current list of my peeves, but there are some repeates from last time.


Now, let me restate what I actually mean - it actually is a 'good' movie, silly and no violence, however, the R rating is VERY misleading!

Tag STINKS!!!!!

Don't know if any of y'all ever tried or smelled 'Tag' for men but I sprayed a little in the air at the supermarket AND GAGGED!!!!

My Update

Ok, I made up mly mind and I'm not changing it for anyone or anything. I decided screw this guy in PA.

I'm having a crummy day

So I was pretty stressed out about the whole court shit I have to do for the ex... Well more for the DA then the ex, but it's from all the crack head stuff.


enough said...

time for some FUN..

this is a list, tell me what your best/worst ones are OR the ones that you've heard/used on someone!

link is under comments! (as if I had to tell you!) 

Another Update

So things are going GREAT for me with the new guy. I really think he's the one, afterall it was pretty much fate that got us to meet.

My Update

Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop by and give a little update. I haven't been around for a bit - been busy watching movies at work, hahaha...

how sick is our world when...

there is a website set up for CHEATERS!!


I told you yesterday was bad!

So Monday night my ex called. I really don't want to talk to him anymore, ever. He just doesn't seem to get it though. I get all anxious and pissed off after talking to him.

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