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Most Recent Rants in Customer Service

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Why is it that whenever you call customer service to fix an issue, the systems are always down and there is always some excuse as to why the system is down and no one can help you?

3 waiting? OPEN A NEW LINE!!!!!

I was shopping at a Safeway last night, I was tired, hot (and cold, the fog had rolled in, go figure), and HUNGRY!

he he he

Not the Topless Car Wash They Expected


Sure someone has already posted this peeve, but. . . .

So, my phone rings, and, since I was in the mood, I answer it.

This One is for the Guys...

I went shopping today at the local Mall for clothing, what a frustrating experience!

My lovely, lovely, lovely "vacation".............

Yeah, we did it. Six flags, Alamo, Mirror mazes, Zoo, Sea World, and on and on and on.

Two words can describe our "vacation"


No we had fun, alot of fun.

Minor Peeve with Names

Here's a minor peeve of mine. Why is it so very hard for people to pronounce the name Stephen correctly?? I am tired of hearing Steffan rather than Steven when people refer to my son.

Voice-prompted menus

I got stuck in the loop of one of those dumb ass voice-prompted menus when I called AT&T.  The kids are not here so I thought it would be easier this time without all the background noise.

I said "

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