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Hidden Charges

We dedided to switch from Comcast to Direct Tv to save money.

I just don't get it!!!

Had to deal with a hospital today, so I call their bill pay phone number (it was about a refund they paid me!!!), the computer talks to me for a good two minutes when it FINALY said, 'If you wa

Call Center Peeves

This has been posted before but I NEED to vent...I can't stand people who will not listen!

Stupid scare tactics from credit card companies. . .

'Sir, this call is from credit alert services. You do not have any problems with your credit card right now. . . ' I hung up after that, mostly because I have NO credit cards!!!!! WTF!?!?!?

my crazy day

Yesterday I had the WEIRDEST day! bear with me, it may get a little long! LOL!

Call Center Peeves

When I ask for someone's name they ask "my name?".

When I ask for a telephone number they ask "You want my number?".

funny stuff

Dear Employees:

Customer Service

Just curious as to places you've done business with that have given great customer service and those that don't.

Bad service:

Why Must EVERYTHING Be Kid Friendly?

Ok some friends and I were enjoying a few drinks and conversation in a local bar/grill. We were talking about the usual guy stuff, nothing vulgar really, just having fun.

My Pet Peeves for the week

1. I bought an "In home" warranty so that if anything happens to my PC they have to come to my house. Well my computer crashed AGAIN and once again I had to take into the damn store.

Waiters and Waiteresses

If you apply for a job why would you just sit there and complain that you dont get paid enough when you dont do shit in the first place.


I am so ticked!  I bought a new video card to play Direct X 10 games on my Vista Gateway Computer and had a rotten customer service experience.

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