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A question for all

Up here we're going to be voting in a few months on Taxi deregulation. I was just wondering if anyone lives where this has already happened, and how things are going.


Mary inspired me!

Product Peeves

Why does everything have to be made with the black glossy plastic these days?

What a bunch of A-Holes!

A friend of mine had been working for Old Country Buffet for a couple years now.  He came to work today to find the doors locked with a note in the window saying this location has now closed,

From the CSR standpoint

Okay, how many of you have read these rants & work in custoner service or phone tech support. Please realize that our jobs are NOT easy.

How's This for Customer Service

I was watching Dr Phil yesterday, he had this woman who did the greatest thing EVER!

Digital Camera Breaking

I had a Kodak digital camera that I loved.  The lens cover stopped opening, so the stupid thing wouldn't work any more.

Two upcoming jobs (perhaps a lot more). . .

Well, as I have my degrees out the way AND been released to go back to work, I put out my resume around this area.

I was only trying to get my morning coffee!

I woke up this morning, like I always do, cause otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this now would I?  I pushed through my fog, and went to get my morning coffee.  I was standing in line,

Feel for THIS poor guy.

Talk about piss me off.....

Last week my coworker left plans for a custmer to pick up at the front desk with the receptionist.

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