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As you may recall I am looking to get a job with this company I have interviewed with.

I am such a bad person (or AM I?)

So, most of you know (well SOME of you anyway!) my wife has an antique store in Carmel. A few weeks ago she decided she wanted to be closed on Sundays.


Is it just me or is the food there just not very good anymore?

Nothing says lovin like something from the oven. . .

That is what is written on a VERY old metal plate being sold in our ANTIQUE STORE!!!

Some Manners Please

As you may know by now, I work in phone tech support.


THAT is how long I was on the phone with Dell about my computer JUST a few minutes ago!!!

Those Mac Commercials

...are the most annoying commercials EVER! The Mac guy is biggest dork I've ever seen but is supposed to be cool.

Rebates. Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Mail-in rebates seem to be offered on these days on everything from cars to chewing gum.  But have you ever tried to redeem a m

Business hours

This is becoming a major peeve....

why wait...

It never fails.  When I go to the bank, there are 4 lanes and above them are the open/close signs.  When I went there the other day, ALL four lanes showed

Policies. Schmolicies!

Peeve Meister here.

Vault Zero

I love this drink but can't find very often, damn you Coca Cola!

Miricle Whip and Lack of Gravity

I started buying Miricle Whip in the plastic container that has the lid on the bottom, and you squeeze to get it out.

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