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Most Recent Rants in Customer Service

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Store Cards

I am sick, sick, sick, AND tired of all these stores that want you to use those little wallet cards or keyring cards to get store sales and/or discounts. It seems like half the stores you go to these days demand that you use them.  I'm sorry but I don't want my wallet or key chain filled with cards, especially when some of these stores aren't regular places where I shop.

Itunes and Amazon Rip off

I admit it, I was curious to hear the newly released Micheal Jackson song from Amazon or I-Tunes.

More Phone Peeves.....

Why is that people who dial the wrong number assume that you know the correct number? No moron I don't have the phone to the local sex toy store and no I don't know how to reach Obama.

TV Features We Should Have

TV Features We Should Have

1. Ad Blocker. Are you tired of all the ads across the screen that distract you from what your watching?

Funeral Peeves

My aunt died and her funeral was today.

The Most Retarded Name Change EVER!

The boneheads at NBC have decided to rename The Sci Fi Channel to The Syfy channel and will use the slogan Imagine Greater!

First off the new name, looks like someone forgot how to spell the name.

God You'd Think the World Ended..

We take calls for a cable company for maintence emergencies after hours. The way some people carry on when the cable goes out you'd think the world was about to end!

"Best Buy"

God I hate dealing with this company!


My computer went out again, I have a home warranty through the Geek Squad to fix it.

Hospital Cutbacks

I'll keep this short...

My neice went to the ER for stomach problems, she ended up throwing up all over the place.

This is GROSS!!!!

So I am at work yesterday evening and I go to wash my hands before I take my break.

Freakin good for nothng answering services.....

I hope my child pediatrician gets that stupid, lazy ass bitch fired!

My child has been very ill.


Fellow Pet Peevers,

We really apologize for some of the kinks as we go to a far better site for all of you to enjoy. There are ALWAYS PROBLEMS.

Why We Don't Like You Mr. CEO

I recently read an article what mentioned that Corporations don't understand why the public doesn't like or trust them so I thought I'd make a short list for them.


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