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Another Child Lost

I've just seen on the news that authorites have just discovered the body of a young girl believed to be Kaylee (sp) Anthony.

Just when you thought there were no good people out there. . .

Honest woman finds $97K in restroom, returns it
Tue Dec 9, 9:14 pm ET


The Goldman Family

Is it just me or do these people just creep you out? I am truly sorry that Ron Goldman was murdered but the behavior of this family is just a little odd to me.

About time SOMEONE did this!!!!

Judge allows civil suit over co-worker's perfume
Thu Nov 27, 9:49 am ET

another reason to NOT shop today


these people have REALLY LOST it!!!

I don't care, I JUST WANT SOME PRIVACY!!!!

NY public toilets feature TVs, tuxedoed attendants
Mon Nov 24, 5:03 am ET

NEW YORK – What a relief


Seriously!!This isn't the first post I've made about these damn drunk natives up here, but it's been a while (and it's also been summer). 

Cell phone good for SOMETHING anyway!!!

Cell phone in man's chest pocket stops bullet
49 mins ago


I guess someone is TRYING to 'feed the hungry'?!?!?!?!

Mass. cops puzzled by butcher-quality meat chunks
1 hr 35 mins ago


Check the last sentence!!!!

Undercover officers use Taser on pallbearer
Wed Nov 19, 3:28 pm ET


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