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stupid thinking, selfish and careless, in my opinion

This woman who had 8 kids, did you know that she ALREADY HAD SIX OTHER CHILDREN when she took these fertility treatments?

what kind of sick ass does this?


bad enough they killed the woman BUT to SHOOT a NINE MONTH OLD BABY????!!!!
that's just as bad

wow, our own ghostbusters!!

who you gonna call?....

A CW song if I EVER saw one. . .

Dog-gone-it! Man loses dog, river swallows car


Too bad I don't care for swimming much. . .

Australia offers 'best job in world' on paradise island
2 hrs 53 mins ago


And the RUNNER up for STUPIDEST criminal is. . . .

Police say masked man waited in line to rob bank
1 hr 30 mins ago

STOW, Ohio – A man may have

I can't find the story. . .

that I was watching in the bank just now, Can someone help me?

I think of this everytime I see this guy!

"...because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough...and doggone it people like me...!!!" 

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