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(I got a 'NEW' career???) Fly me to the moon: space hotel sees 2012 opening

By Pascale Harter Fri Aug 10, 1:21 PM ET

BARCELONA (Reuters) - "Galactic Suite," the fi

remember THIS hospital...

well, here's what's happening now...


this looks like it'll be cool...when it happens!

it's supposed to be late Sunday (the 12th), early Monday, 11pm on west coast, 2am on east coast, 1am for me, in central time!!

Homeless. IRAQI. Veterans.

Three words that should NOT be in the same sentence.  But they are.  We're getting new ones here every other day at my job.  Poor young kids sleeping in their cars and in shelters because they have no


Our poor lone elephant that we keep getting crapped on for was in the paper again today.

remember these idiots?

well, look what they're doing now...


Dressed for the occasion...


Good or bad....some women always dress for the occasion. Even if it is to announce their own stupidity.

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