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These Two Deserve Each Other....

Sarah Palin is now defending Carrie Prejean!

Remember Sarah Palin who lost her bid to become Vice President in the recent election?

ACCIDENTALLY??? WTF these searcher were not AUTHORIZED to FIND these bodies? What happens now, their families get a visit from the CCP?

Lost tourist search turns up seven corpses
Fri May 8, 10:58 am ET

BEIJING (Reuters)

RAVE: WOW amazing results


I always wondered how this operation turned out. I am amazed.

Stupid Decision by the Supreme Court


I'm dumfounded, I just don't understand this decision at all.

It seems like the court has given these illegal aliens the right to steal from

Supreme Court to Ok Student Strip Searches


All I can say is that if I had a child and I found out that he or she was strip searched in the s

Talk about Southern Hospitality!!!!

Miss. woman gets shot in head, but makes tea
By JAY REEVES, Associated Press Writer Jay Reeves, Associated Press Writer Fri Apr 17, 9:02 pm ET


I have smelt plent bad ones, but not BAD enough to want to KILL over it!!!!

Police: Man cut and stabbed after flatulence fight
Wed Apr 8, 3:51 pm ET

WACO, Texas

The Downfall of Detroit

Here's an article about Detroit:

What I'm about to say may offend people but I can tell you why Detroit has become a rundown town.

They're all idiots!

So yesterday they downgraded the color of our volcano from Red to Orange. Basically it stopped having explosive eruptions, and began to build a lava dome.

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