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Obama meets with the Dalai Lama

Again, compliments to the President. He is going to meet with the Dalai Lama next week despite the threats from China. This is a good sign. You don't deal with China from weakness. You have to show strength.

TV Channels with 24/7 News about Blizzard of 2010

I realize that the public needs to be informed about what is happening in a blizzard and various closings etc, but being on air with silly reports of how big the snowflakes are, and how deep the snow is standing outside, is over the top.  We are stuck inside and cannot get out and want to watch a movie or Cops or something, but they have been cancelled due to the Snowt eam reports!  A

Food that costs a dollar

Why is that they are trying to kill us poor people with food that costs a dollar?  Its so tempting, so good and so in budget.  But its so greasy and bad for you!  I try not to but I'm hungry dammit!


This is the biggest friggin game to most of us and the peeve community has ignored this big event. Let's take a greak from  the serious crap and go out on the line. I'm from LA and I a m rooting for the Saints-----Lord knows they need more than a Super bowl win to get thier spirit back.

I'm about to offend alot of people....

I'm not sending money or items to Haiti. Nope. No way. Not gonna happen. I bet you're wondering why I feel this way. Am I cold hearted? Nope, whats happened in Haiti is a horrible tradgedy and I feel for the people living there.

Christmas Scrooges....

Have any of you seen this shit on the news (sorry about the cuss word) about Santa being a bad role model? A politically correct nit wit has decided that because Santa is fat and drinks that he is a bad role model. I am so f'in sick of the PC police!

Another on BITES THE DUST!!!

In wake of Climategate, British climate scientist steps down

By Andrew Nusca | Dec 2, 2009 |

Treasonable comments.

Do we really need Hollywood cranking out movies, or speakers on the radio/television venues voicing scenarios, comments which can be utilized by our enemies.  I consider such activities to be treasonable.  Movies depicting destruction of skyscrapers, catastrophic effects from contaminating the water supply, etc, etc.  How about the 'talking heads' on the various&nbs


Personally I'm sick and tired of the advanced advertisements, and particularly seasonal music; to the virge of 'Going Postal'.  I really don't need to be reminded that a given calendar event is impending, no matter what it might be,  I don't want to hear Christmas music, before Thanksgiving.

Cloudy weather

Let it rain or let the sun shine not just damp and cloudy.

My pet peeves is bigger than Facebook?

It pisses me off that My pet peeves isn't 300,000,000 users. Facebook is useless andTwitter is for Twits.

My pet peeves is bigger than Facebook?

It pisses me off that My pet peeves isn't 300,000,000 users. Facebook is useless andTwitter is for Twits.

So, with the unemployement rate above 10%, where is TGIX???

Actually, I meant where is Obama and Biden coming forth saying this was what they 'planned' to happen. What with all that 'Bail-out' money and TARP funding, how many people were STILL laid off?

I hate the YANKEES!

Are you tired of the spoiled over paid Yankees. Luckily the Phillies won. LOL

I wouldn't mind getting paid $20.Million a year ? Are you guys as well paid?

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