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About time SOMEONE did this!!!!

Judge allows civil suit over co-worker's perfume
Thu Nov 27, 9:49 am ET

another reason to NOT shop today

these people have REALLY LOST it!!!

Black Friday...The Holiday Shopping Nonsense Begins!

Why are so many people suckered into this madness?

Vending Machines

It isn't rocket science. Coin operated vending machines have been around for ages and now many are equipped to accept paper money too. Some work rather reliably, some don't.

hmmm, guess what THIS WAS...

Whatever Happened to Customer Service?

Seems like its going to the wayside eh?


It seems like everyone is breathing into the phone, it drives me nuts! It's just as bad to me as fingernails on a blackboard.

Update on my newest hires . . .

Alright, I will start with the one that began on fire! He was always quick to ask questions, always willing to help, you know, the 'perfect' employee.

I'm back

I was having a really bad week but things are better now.

My Weekly Peeve:

How would you like this to happen to you and your family?

How would you like this to happen to your family?  You have a specialty that is needed in another country, go over there to help and want to bring your family with you only to get denied becau

A Marketing Strategist Pet Peeves-

My Pet Peeves
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