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stop pre-approved credit mail

If you go to: optoutprescreen.com

Too bad I don't care for swimming much. . .

Australia offers 'best job in world' on paradise island
2 hrs 53 mins ago



'Don't leave you family holding the bag'

'Too much for your phone?'

'Health insurance too much, call us!'

Bite me, bite me.

I am sooo tired of infomercials

Do's and Don't for Calling Call Centers

Just thought I'd give a few tips for those who call call centers for service and support.....

SO, what did ya get???

OK, I wanna know what did ya get for the BIG DAY!!??

The rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated

That's right Peevers.  The end is NOT near!

Pet Peeves is not going away anytime soon.  We’re here to stay (and hope that you are too).

stupid, stupid STUPID economy!

My brother-in-law got brave and checked out what his 401k was worth. He lost over $20,000! I'm afraid to check ours. The one lone stock I own lost tons of money.

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