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Hand in the Face

I have a huge problem when someone points out something with their finger (object, landmark), and their hand goes right in front of my face

 I get very angry, It

people who wait to fill out checks until they get to check-out when they could have all info filled out except for the amount.

Celebrity with Political views

Ok all you famous people, listen up. Your job is to entertain this country, which I must add, you have been doing poorly lately.

Co Workers That Don't Think About What They Say

I'm more annoyed when co workers decide to congregate in cliques, like slow moving herds of cattle.


My mother is in a wheelchair. She can't walk more than a few steps at a time, and lacks the upper body strength to propel herself, so she has to be pushed.

Menu Stallers

The menu is atleast five feet tall and clearly seen from the door of the cafe, restaurant, etc so making a choice while is line is easy.

checkout lines

It drives me CRAZY when a person (mostly woman) who stand in line at the grocery store with 10 people in front of them and when they get up to the register, after all of their groceries and/or stuff h

Is $1.50 really too much?

Why opt to have birthday and special events and then gripe about paying for them? I asked for $1.50 a month to cover birthday luncheons and still got griped at.

You want better customer service,eh?

I work in the retail management field. If you have never worked retail, you should work one day to see how customers really treat stores. Anyway here is my rant.

Last minute holiday shopping

I'm a procrastinator, and at this time of year I usually leave most of my holiday shopping to the last minute.

Too Much Information!

So it's the last day of blessed freedom for all of us before the Peevemeister has to go back to school, and I get the terrific idea (along with 5, 479 of my closest friends) to take him to Target for

You can't get good help these days...

After a year and a half of not having to buy shoes because Peevester's feet hadn't grown, I had to face the toes-finally-poking-out-of-the-tennies reality.

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