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Pit Bulls

Many don't like them and most are afraid of them. They have a reputation of being a very dangerous dog.  This reputation comes from violent attacks by these animals and negative press reports.  While these dogs have in fact mauled people, it must be made known that "people" through brutal treatment of these dogs, are the cause of these attacks.

Dogs are Superior to People

I have had it. Everybody seems to spend more money on their dogs than their kids. All these shirts, toys, blankets, beds--- what about all the disadvantaged people in the US. Give up your dogs and support your friends. We live in a pretty pathetic time when our pets are more important than our fellow citizens.


Nothing appears crooked yet....it's a start.  Let's try posing a photo. Here's my knuckleheads. lol

Finally--Pet Peeves for my dog!

These guys are cool check this out for our dogs.


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