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Sleep sucks!

I resent the fact that I need to sleep. I always have. There are much better ways I could be spending my time then lying there, comatose, dreaming about things that I'll never remember when I wake up. And waking up is always a painful experience! I know sleep depravation has some serious heath implications, but I just can't help it. Needing to sleep blows.

People Who Don't Stand Up for Themselves Piss Me Off

Due to Facebook's shady policies on privacy I am joining others in canceling my account on May 31st. What vexes me is all the people who belly ache about how awful Facebook is, but will continue using the service anyway.  I'm showing my displeasure by telling Mark Zuckerman to shove his service right up his anal cavity!

What Barrack Petroluem has really done for the oil spill.


This is what Barrack Petroluem has really done for the oil spill nothing. People say he was on top of it. LMAO ya right.


In the Gulf: An offshore oil drilling rig owned by Transocean and operated by BP explodes in the Gulf of Mexico nearly 50 miles of the Louisiana coast. 

What gives these people the right to protest in front of this persons house.


SEIU thugs and scumbags protest in front of a bankers house scaring the shit out of there son. I can see protesting on any place of business but at someones house? No fucking way these people should have been arrested. But no they were escorted by the cops the cops should not have allowed this period.



I'm not sure, but probably every State in the union has driving laws stipulating that you are to turn on your headlights 1 hour before sunset, or during inclement weather.  Why are there so many who fail to 'light up', when it's been proven safety is greatly improved if a vehicle has the headlights on.  The first clue [if y



Typically, but not limited to the 'Cop Shows', late night shows.  Why is it that they show their lack of intelligence, by asking a perpetrator [say a drunk driver, or the 'redneck', with the marijuana cigarette behind his ear]  "Do you mind if I search your vehicle" ; or "Do you mind if I place you under arrest"..

Breast Sizes


As I recall, large breasts came into vogue with the likes of Rosilind Russel, Marylyn Monroe. Bo Derek, Dolly Parton, etc. Also, I believe it is totally pathetic that women, who probably were very appealing, decided to go out and get breast implants [if you're stupid enough to do so, don't come crying, when the implants fail, and you develope siliconosis].  I've asked around.

Barack Petroleum on the sidelines of this enviromental disaster.


Barrack Petroleum on the sidelines of this environmental disaster the only he has done is appoint a commission which shows his lack of leadership and how deep the oil industry is in his pockets. It is not just me questioning it James Carville, Chris Matthews, ABC, CBS news all are saying Barrack Petroleum is on the sidelines. This guy make Sara Palin look like genius.

Rand Paul should quit.


He hasn't been the Republican candidate in Kentucky for one week, and already Rand Paul finds himself in over his comments about private businesses and the Civil Rights Act.



I won't admit to personally having/not having a firearm, but common sense tells me that (1) there'll be more crime committed in a gun-free community compared to (2) a community where it is common for the majority to possess firearms {and be proficient in their use}.


If it weren't for the fact I'd be ticketed and my insurance costs would be elevated, I'd love to drive into anyone who positions their vehicle well past the white line, painted on the pavement, in proximity to a StopSign.

Are You An Idiot?

I hate it when I place an order (be it at a business, store, or at say a fast food establishment), and I'm very specific about what I desire. IE: 1 Quarter Pound Double Bacon Cheeseburger, NO onions, NO tomatoes, No special sauce. No drink, and THATS IT.



If I go through the expense of purchasing an answering machine, go to the trouble of programming/recording an outgoing message on it; it's obvious I really am interested in why you called. {especially if you happen to have woke me up, but I wasn't quick enough to get to the phone - I'm not attttached to the damn thing, anyway}

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