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My best "friend"

I have had 3 kids, and I haven't seen her by my hospital bed once, but that is fine I know people have lives.

this woman is strange...

IF she's not guilty of killing them, WHY did she do this?


My lovely, lovely, lovely "vacation".............

Yeah, we did it. Six flags, Alamo, Mirror mazes, Zoo, Sea World, and on and on and on.

Two words can describe our "vacation"


No we had fun, alot of fun.

The rude old hag at 6 flags

Being the brave soul that I am, i took all 4 kiddos to 6 Flags on Tuesday....but I drug my mom along since my husband was at work.

The weather was nice, and had a great breeze, so I figured Addi wo

Don't suck it!!!

I went to Sam's and Wal-mart earlier today and while I was in Sam's in the line to check out, I noticed a kid in the basket in front of me who was SUCKING HER THUMB!!!!

Kids that learn things from their piss poor parents

I guess even piss poor parents have some good qualities that the kid(baby goat) can learn from, but the bad ones seem to prevail more.

My step-son (who is 10) was in our girls room playing with the

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