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My list of peeves that I have been collecting since I haven't been on.....

I haven't been on in about a week, now. I have been here, there, and over there, and look what I missed!

some peeves from my errands today

First, in the mall today, I got a bite to eat and as I was sitting and eating, 2 women with a baby (about 1-1 and 1/2 yrs old) sat down near me.

words of wisdom

I found this on myspace and thought I would share it with you. You may have already read it but it sure makes you really think about what is important in life.

Wonderful Parenting skills buddy

 Can You believe the wonder parents that are in our world today??

Here we go with the stupid parents.......AGAIN!

So I am watching Austin news this morning, and they went on with a story of a young girl that drowned in a community pool.

yet MORE of the "Stupids"...

SHE sent her child there and she signed him up for this assinine show and NOW she wants to get mad about what happened???!! she signed the waivers, oh well, and for what?

ya'll gotta read this!!!

it's a little long BUT funny to most of us who can relate, just scroll down and read her story once you click the link!!

so, this is why I am the way I am...

ok, that sounded like Popeye there, but remember we were talking about people crying "broke" all the time when they aren't, I found this article and this explains me pretty good:

No Sleep.....BLAH!

I went to bed at 1:30 am...tossed and turned for 30 min or so, but finally went to sleep.

4:30am rolled around.....eyes wide opened, won't close and not tired anymore.

made coffee at 5.....now i


It is half past midnight, and I am STILL not tired. I have been up since 6, and made myself as buisy as one can be with 3 kids all day long.

Educational software/kids mentality

Ok, this isn't totally a peeve with the software, just what it does to my kids.

It works, and they ahave fun doing it, but I have to limit the time they spend doing it, otherwise my 4 year old will

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