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And this is NOT from China!!!!

Baby seats recalled due to head injuries

Thu Oct 25, 11:50 AM ET

What ever happened to our schools?

The title pretty much says what the rest of this post will say.

can't totally blame the daycare for this

as much as they were wrong for what they did, the MOTHER WAS LATE!!!

Such a Biotch

Enter husband's ex-wife:

what about this?

she was late, loud and unruly, so they say, but she DIED!?

what do you think about it?


So, my wife & I went out for dinner (anniversary and all), and it was a nice restaurant (California Pizza or something like that).

Upset, angry, peeved!!!!!

Ok, I started my business 2 weeks ago. Asked around to see when everyone I knew would be able to attend a grand opening event.

Kids "white lies"

Picture test


go to first comment for the link!


you may think I'm crazy for saying this BUT you CAN'T understand how I feel until you've been through what I've been through.

Chuchi Face

Let me explain....

My son won't button his own pants.

The title pretty much explains it.....my 4 year old son won't button his own pants. He knows how to button them, I've seen him do it.

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