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Anyone else as stupid as us?

We started shopping today. Luckly we finished today as well. I could have been done WAY before now, but my husband insists on going for every little thing that is bought!


Did someone else already post this?  I find it so funny and scary at the same time!


either we've had too much to eat or we're bored....

no one's been ranting much since Thursday.

I REALLY want to KILL this 'man' . . .

My younger sister (actualy, we aren't related, we have just been close friends for nearly 23 YEARS!) has announced the she and her husband are getting a divorce!


I am truely amazed right now. My husband's ex-wife sent me an email asking if we want Jaxson the whole week of thanksgiving, and is actually going through with it.

For snowkat

Paternity Fraud

Should a man be forced to pay child support to a woman who lied about paternity of a child?

yes, another pic

Mandy mentioned something about pics of the kids in their costumes, so here it is: DJ was a ninja, Danna was Winnie the Pooh and Darian was a graveyard fairy (that's what

Do you ever wonder why?

Well, for those that might have read my post the other day about blowing off some steam, you will know where I am going with this posting.

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