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so the teacher took her cell phone

it was really her own fault, it was set to vibrate and she said someone was texting her.  she was in homeroom class and the teacher saw her open her phone, this is my 13

Hannah Montana Movie

It comes to theaters on Friday to Austin. They already have tickets on sale for $15 a person, for a freggin movie. It is mostly already sold out!

well, I saw this commercial

for Always feminine products and it was talking about how this girl in Africa would miss one week of school every month because of her period!

Maybe THIS one. . .

Alright, I am changing THIS post, right in the middle of the oddness, let's see what happens . . .

All they had to do was ask ME!!!

Don't send in the clowns

Well you GO girl!!!

 NOT a peeve in the LEAST!!!!

And she was doing so 'good'. . .

Cops: Intoxicated Spears hands over kids
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