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Whatever happened to . . .

Paula and CR1978 and Dancemaster and the rest of them?

another explanation of rising sea levels...

I was watching National Geographic this weekend and saw a show about Dubai and how they are making more islands. Yes, man made islands.

Just a thought. . .

Some say that we need to stop adding to the global warming by ceasing the use of gas powered engines and stop using coal for energy.

Biofuels and Kudzu!!!!

Alright, I got an 'idea' that would not only wean us all of the oil, but it would also keep the farmers farming FOOD for us! What is this source of biofuel"?

112 yesterday 113 today....120+ till Oct

Ughhhh, it

Who said they wouldn't survive?

Polar Bears don't need to live on sea ice to survive! I've been saying this all along, but no one wants to believe it until it starts to happen.

I know, I know

I'm asking for it by posting this, but I'm posting it because I'm sure MAD will enjoy it, as well as most others on this site.

I am sick of global warming gloom and doom.

I mean cmon people wake the hell up. We are pawns in the global warming crowds agenda. They come up with this fake science and ignore real science.

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