How much more can one take??


Have this friend that is on her way out of my "people I want to hang out with" list.

Annoying as hell. Don't know how much more I can handle seriously..

Always ALWAYS broke, as she's a shopaholic. Most of the time she can't rub two pennies together. Does her boyfriend and his kids laundry just to get the money they left in their pockets.Takes the change and puts it in a plastic bag for when she's REALLY broke. Surprised she doesn't take the couch apart looking for change, but she probably does that too and just doesn't tell me about it.

We'll make plans to hang out for a day and she'll tell me she needs to take something back to the clothing store so she has money to spend. I won't even go in with her anymore as I've seen her stand there arguing with the cashier regarding their return policy while she outright lies about it being a gift and she doesn't have the receipt, etc. One time she saw a pair of shoes exactly like the ones she bought well over a year ago. Figured she'd get one over on them and went for either getting her money back, or an instore credit. To her misfortune, they ran the sku # and told her that the shoes were purchased well over a year ago and the only thing they could do was give her an even exchange for the ones on the shelf. Of course this wasn't her deal so she came back to my car all pissy because she was stuck with a pair of hideous shoes (at least I thought so) that she can add to her already overcrowded closet.

So we stop at this restaurant to get something to eat. As she muddles and muddles over the menu.."Is this less than that? Not sure if I want fries or not. Why is this more than it bigger,"etc., after I've ordered she's still muddling so we ask the waitress to come back. My friend thinks about ordering the salad, but it's made with iceburg lettuce (and since she's always looking to eat healthy while eating ice cream..thinking a big glass of ice water will just flush that big ol' ice cream cone right outta her), she's not having that. She muddles some more while giving me a lecture of the evils of the diet soda I'm drinking. I decide on the salad cos I like iceburg lettuce while she lectures me on that too. Sooo bad for me as it's "all water" and the greener it is..the better it is for you. Sorry but I'd rather not pay big bucks for a salad that looks like the weeds in our backyard!!

She decides on the cheeseburger and fries while I secretly laugh, enjoying my horribly unhealthy iceburg lettuce salad and drink my diet soda that is surely going to put me in an early grave..

Time to pay. She pulls out this big ol' bag of change and counts out  $12.50 in quarters, dimes, nickels..and yes pennies. I secretly roll my eyes but she thinks it's no big deal. She approaches the waitress while she's completely swamped and tells her, "Hope you don't mind if I pay in all change.." and then goes on with her sad ass story about being with an ass of a bf  (it's not's her), etc. Poor waitress has to get the money bag and exchange it for bills as the register couldn't handle THAT much change.

By this time I'm ready to just drop her off at home while she tells me how to drive (she's just trying to be helpful..ugh), notices that my dashboard light is on and for the millionth time I have to tell her I KNOW.  Have to take the longest way back as if we pass Goodwill or TJ's like her arm is dragging her in there as she asks if I mind if we stop.

Good she loads up her cart with anything and everything while having to decide in the end what she wants/doesn't want, etc., needing to touch everything in her path, etc. "So and so (her bf) might like me in this"..."I sure wish he'd let me decorate..I'm actually quite good at it", while she lives in a household of boys. Last time she decorated, almost everything came from Pier 1..the billpayer loan she took out never knocked out any of her bills..she spent it there!! No offense to anyone that shops there but paying $12.00 for a plate that's on sale isn't part of my forte'. She's actually driven over 50 miles to pay $100 for a set of dishes, got home and threw all her bf's current ones in a box.

On the drive home she has to ask for the millionth time why my license plate is bent in the front and I should really get that replaced. I finally asked her if she had $80 bucks in change to pay for it....and she had a meltdown (hyperventilating..whole works..) "I'm so tiiired of myyy life...I just can't seeem to dooo anythiiing riiiight" At that point I was looking for nearly anything in my car resembling a paper bag she could breathe into. "Everyyyone's allwaays maad at me for soomme reaason and nooww yoouur maad at mee too..I donnn't <snort> knnooww whhat I'm doinngg wrr <snort>ooong.."

Point is that she's never listening. Too busy looking at herself in the mirrors in my car. Telling me her everything is hurting including her head, her feet, her knee, her stomach, her arm, etc. After hearing soo many times about her head hurting, I joked and said, "Maybe you have a 'tumahh'". "What's a that serious!?"

Oh my LORD..told her I was kidding; it was a joke from a movie for a tumor. She flipped out.. " think it's CANCER!!??" Regretting every kidding moment after that as her head was "hurting her more and more..getting worse by the minute".

Finally told her I could drop her off at the ER if it hurt that bad..followed with another crying jag!!

Could not WAIT to drop her off!!