inconciderate people


 Customers who use the  20 items or less at a grocery store, when they have a  cart that is either filled to the top or they have more than 20 items. now lets  get real!!! thats not only stupid but its also INCONCIDERATE!!.  then they  take their time to decide what card to use, because they hav e several and have to be sure they have the right one, i say enough!  go thru the proper line and have ur card ready when u check out. be conciderate  and respectful of other people. another pet peeve is being behind someone who is doing more than 2 gift cards and they want to use certain amounts off of each card, that is so aggrivating, to say the least. and less not forget the convience stores that sells lotto tickets. i have had the opportunity to be behind  a lot of customers that is cashing in lotto tickets and then standing there deciding which ones to buy and how much money u want back, in the mean time there are other customers that are waiting to pay for gas, maybe they have to go to work or have appointments, know what u want to do before u come in to the store and the stores should have seperate lines to take care of lotto customers.   Also i  it seems always get behind someone at the gas stations that has a boat or trailer hooked behind and u cant get to the next pump bnecause there isnt any room, and the driver is in the store bsing and then decides to stand in line and wait to pay for gas that he hasnt pumped yet and he has no other items in his hand!  he could have paid for gas using the card at the pump and then pulled over if he wanted to bulls-t with someone. that is so  pissy and big time inconciderate!!!!. i guesss my last peeve for today is how  a lot of commercials and products are geared toward senior citizens. dont get me wrong  i had grand parents, but i am sick and tired of all the pitty  drama surrounding senior citizens.,  if they c an afford to drive really expensive cars and have a wallet full of cash and credit cards, then why in the hell are they complaining about paying for their medicines and i know they have medicade and medicare, and all the have to pay is a small co-pay. i get no help paying for my medicine i dont qualify for medicade because i  am not pregnant over 65 or for that matter over 50, and do not have a small child in the house. what else do they want? i have the chance to be acashier and a lot of senior citizens came thru my line with food stamp card several debit cards, and a wallet bfull of cash, come on, what else do they want? 


stepping on toes?

i guess i stepped on a lot of toes right? well the truth hurts!! i am sick of all the drama over   the elderly!! my mom is 71 and she doesnt act like this!! she doesnt complain about her co-pay she is grateful for any help she  can get!! so why not stop all the drama?



 This really aggrevates me to no end!!! there are so many products out there including TWEEZERS that can get rid of facial hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to be a cashier  and worked with the public. there was so many women young and old that would come thru my line with either a full blown mustache or hair on their chins or hair growing from moles. how freaking disgusting!!!!  get rid of the hair..... one lady came thru and had a mustache and beard and i almost thru  up!! i couldnt believe it. is it that hard to get rid of facial hair?