Customer Service is Tough

I've worked customer service all my life and I'm here to tell you that it's a tough nut to crack on both sides of the counter.  First of all, "the customer is "not" always right but you may have to treat them that way, just to get them out of your face and out of the store.  And, all employees are "not" stupid or good at what they do.  A poor employee is usually the direct result of poor training and the lack of accountability.  Never-the-less, I agree, that the resulting attitude should not show up on the sales floor.   

If I get one of "those" rude, nasty customers that needs to be dragged behind the barn for a knucle sandwich, I turn on the charm, kill them with kindness and give them the service they have coming but don't deserve.  This should do the trick but if it doesn't and they move to "unruly," I calmly ask them to leave. If that doesn't work, I call the men with badges and guns and let them handle it.  You have that right, as an employee.  Hold your head up and remain professional the entire time. 

I have absolutely have no patience for rude and disrespectful employees.  They, too, need a trip behind the barn but we must try to treat this with civility.  There is one quick and simple way to handle a person like this; go to the manager or owner, make a complaint and request that this person gets back to you and informs you of the disciplinary action taken. If you are not satisfied, write or call the Distrdict Manager and inform that person of your situation. Be respectfull and use the two "C's" when complaining to the local manager and the District Manager. The two "C's are; compliment and correct.  Always begin with a compliment so you don't put this person in a defensive mind set before you even start.  For example; I love your stores and have shopped here for 5 years, etc.  Then, go on to explain what you want to talk about; "recently I had a situation in one of your stores that I believe you should be made aware of.   Always reamin calm and be respectful if you want this person to "want" to help you.  This is the age of the computer and this usually can be handled online but I prefer face time with the boss.  Good Luck