People Who Don't Stand Up for Themselves Piss Me Off


Due to Facebook's shady policies on privacy I am joining others in canceling my account on May 31st. What vexes me is all the people who belly ache about how awful Facebook is, but will continue using the service anyway.  I'm showing my displeasure by telling Mark Zuckerman to shove his service right up his anal cavity!

What really sets me off is people who think I'm a  jerk for cancelling Facebook!  No the real jerks are the ones who shrug thier shoulders and allow Facebook to profit from thier own apathy. I value my privacy (or what little of it I still have left) and will not allow this company to profit off my name. People who complain about Facebook and do nothing deserve what they get!  

Quit whining and do something!  Don't like Walmart? Stop shopping there.  Don't like the ay KFC treats chickens? Stop buying food there. Don't like a presidential candidate? Don't vote for him.


Here here I am in full

Here here I am in full agreement. I do not use Facebook Myspace non of that shit. Facebook pussed out about drawing Mohammad. Get the fuck over it Muslim join the 20th fucking century.