Are You An Idiot?

I hate it when I place an order (be it at a business, store, or at say a fast food establishment), and I'm very specific about what I desire. IE: 1 Quarter Pound Double Bacon Cheeseburger, NO onions, NO tomatoes, No special sauce. No drink, and THATS IT. Yet every damn time, the order taker turns right around and asks me what I'd like on the order, would I care for french fries, how about something to drink.  Is the order taker hard of hearing ? Just a simpleton? Or just a plain idiot?  What part of 'and THAT's IT', don't you understand? Then to discover that everything you DIDN'T want, has been included.


It's not the employee's fault

My nephew works for a fast food joint, they HAVE to ask customers if they want a drink or fries, even idf the customer already said they didn't.   I'm not saying it's right but thats why they ask....