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Man liberals are really fuckign this country up. Since when can't you wear the American Flag. | MyPetPeeves.com

Man liberals are really fuckign this country up. Since when can't you wear the American Flag.


Five students sent home for wearing American flag how fucked up is that? Since when here in America the American flag has been banned. Now I fully expect TGIX to agree with them being sent home just because I posted this. But the people in that county should march on that school district. So what if it was a Mexican Holiday this is America and you should be able to wear the American flag and people should respect that. If the Mexicans in that school want to wear the Mexican flag then they should allowed to also.





I am tired of being told that we MUST be tolerant of these people when they don't have to be tolerant towards us. I bet nothing would be said to the Mexican students if they came to school on July 4th wearing the Mexican flags. If I were at this school I'd come to school everyday wearing the flag, if the school were to lay one finger on me I'd have the ACLU up their collectives arse holes!


Where is the ACLU on this?

Where is the ACLU on this?

Such a patriot your are...



The American flag is NOT to be worn on clothing. Doing so is prohibited.


So, once more I'll ask, what the Fuck exactly is it that you said was your particularly demented type of mental illness?


Oh, and it is always ESPECIALLY FUN when the ACLU's stance is supported by this right winger Sneers Fag. LOL! They've both gone so far left and right that they've gone around the circle of the spectrum to become kissing and even butt fucking cousins! ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What The Hell Are You Babling About?

Can't wear the American flag since when? Where in the hell did you pull that one from? If thats a mandate then its a rarely used one, hell soldiers have the flag patched in their uniforms for god's sake!

What the hell does this have

What the hell does this have to do with liberals?!?! This has nothing to do with the social or political ideologies of anyone. It's just some overly paranoid school administrators who were worried about a riot on their campus. No one was trying to make a political statement, so why do you insist on going there? This is just bad form. If you want to rag on the school administrators, then go for it. They deserve a little ridicule. But don't try to turn this into a liberal thing!

Nothing SQ but it is fun to

Nothing SQ but it is fun to yank TGIXs chain. As far as wearing shirts with flags or clothing with flags TGIX is wrong who cares.

You're not just yanking

You're not just yanking TGIX's chain. You're yanking mine as well and I don't deserve it.

Besides, TGIX is actually right. It's not legally enforceable, but there is a U.S. Flag Code which states (among other things): "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free."

I might add that these rules have long been pushed by conservatives... not liberals. If it wasn't for the Supreme Court, wearing a flag shirt would have gotten you arrested in many states. Personally, I've always seen the act of burning a flag as patriotic, but that's a story for another day perhaps. 

Soldiers do in fact have the flag on their clothing

and that is wrong according to the code. There are no exceptions listed, not armed forces, not baseball or other sports teams (although they wear them too, especially since after 9/11). What I also find  Butmost bizarre is how the orientation is technically wrong on soldiers' uniforms! Of ALL places to screw That Up!!! The field of stars is always to be on the left except on soldiers' uniforms it is on the right, flying BACKWARDS which is a blatent, clearly symbolic, sign of DISrespectin the flag. I've researched it online and asked service men (one just a week ago in fact, I work with him) and the answer is always that it is because of where the person is and how they're standing with relation to the flag on their sleave... doesn't work. Sorry, does NOT work UNLESS you are imagining a translucent flag and you are viewing it through the person wearing it! How WEIRD BIZARRE and Never going to happen is that? But that is in effect what they try to convince and it still makes no sense to me. Does it make sense to you? I'd like an explanation that does. If you view the flag, mounted to anything (and it should never be mounted to clothing in the first place) then you view it from where you view it, NOT from the other side when you view it from the place you actually view it from. So backwards is backwards. If it were hanging freely, that would be a different story as it can be viewed from Both Sides. That is clearly not the case here though unless the soldier is invisable and we are standing on the other side vieweing it thru their invisable body.... Nah, sorry that's just not at all right no matter how you try and paint it.

These ways of cheapening our values our most highly regarded national symbol annoys me. You can say I'm a liberal and I might agree with that heartily in MOST but definintely NOT all cases. This is one where I don't know what you want to call me, what I want to be called, all I know is I dislike Old Glory being disrespected in these ways.

SQ has an interesting point and I'm not sure anyone (including SQ) actually realizes just how bizarre and hypocritical the nut jobs on the right wing are about this one but they go ahead and make asses of themselves every time here - The proper disposal of a flag is to either burn or bury it.

To burn our flag is NOT a display of disprespect! It IS in fact most REspectful. It is an HONERA BLE AND PROPER DISPOSAL, Nothing More, NOTHING LESS.

So when in protest the flag is burned, suck it up. You are BEYOND being moronic to criticize the person, to want them jailed as you republican nut job whack job morons are, when you insist on that and it is YOU that are clearly and absolutely wrong about it. It is not only legal in EVERY way, it is also PROPER disposal.

When someone like Bush-Lite (Shrub, Dubya, or whatever you want to call it) trounces the constitution and protesters burn the flag to bring attention to it, you need to STFU and be the patriot as you try and claim to be by accepting the statement for the truth it is. You fuck with the constitution, you tear it to shreds, and the flag no more represents what it was meant to. Proper disposal is to burn or bury it.

I will admit that it is NOT to be done in public. That IS against the code. However, there are exceptions to everything and pubic displays of civil disobedience, injuring no one, is something you are going to have to learn to accept. To refuse to do so means you believe we can do no wrong since we are so great a nation. That would make you the most stupid person to ever live and there are a LOT of you in the republican party making an ENORMOUS spectacle of yourselves in front of us all striving to be just that biggest idiot of all times.

I want to like you. I wish you weren't trying to be so dumb. I mean that with ALLLLLL sincerity. Get well. And get well soon, please. We all want everyone to be at the very least sane, healthy mentally and also healthy physically. No one benefits from having about a third of the population being so needy. Learn about the code, better yet, learn about the Constitution of the UNITED States of America and STOP incessantly trying with all your efforts to DIVIDE us.

As you do that, you will succeed every time because it is easy, it is the coward's way. To unite takes a bond. It takes glue. It takes effort. To divide is simple; throw some mud, throw some more, throw some stones, throw more. You'll succeed every time. All that makes you is a destructive maniac. FAR too many of you on the right wing have gone over that edge and we will not stand for it. We have learned to fight back. That is the reason WE control the White House now. That is the reason WE control Congress now. And we are gaining in the Supreme Court. You went too far. You are needed as a balance when you aren't so messed up but lately you've become monsterous destroying our economy, poisoning our environment BEYOND BELIEF and dividing us from the rest of the word. THEN you go trying to divide US, HERE? Nothing is more vile than an attempt to destroy our great nation that way as  you do - NOTHING! Liberals may not know everything but we do know THAT.

And you have the gall to claim you are the patriots.

wake up or be woken up. you think electing Obama was a surprise? you ain't seen Nuthin' yet fool.

You said the country is being ruined by those who

are the ones actually SUPPORTING proper handing of our nation's symbol.

Now that you have been corrected you can admit it. Go ahead, give it a try. It won't kill you. Simply say those three magic words and you will feel such relief. It is a way you can so effectively demonstrate your decision to join the human race. You only have to say "I was wrong".

For extra credit you can even go so far as to say "I am sorry".

Thank you for playing!    :0)

Oh yeah...

You asked "who cares"

"As far as wearing shirts with flags or clothing with flags TGIX is wrong who cares."

Hey Einstein, guess what? We patriots care. You clearly do not. That tells us that you republican't are NOT patriots.

Nowwww, go stick that one in your pipe and smoke it.

Flag burning

One of the biggest things that sets America apart from other nations is our freedom of speech, including our freedom to criticize the government and its officials. In fact, it is incumbent upon each of us to criticize the government whenever we see it moving in the wrong direction. It is our responsibility to push our government to be better and to never let it slip into obsolescence. I have always felt that to burn the American flag—the symbol of our nation—is to deliberately and dramatically exercise this core freedom afforded by the Constitution. This simple act of personal expression would get you killed in many countries, but here it is protected as free speech. I find this to be incredibly patriotic, as it is simultaneously a powerful symbol of someone's dissatisfaction with national policies and a powerful affirmation of the strength of our constitution.

Attempts by the right to ban flag burning seem horribly unpatriotic, given that their primary effect is an erosion of the constitutional rights they purport to honor. 

The commercial sale of American flag clothing, in an attempt to make a buck off the nationalistic masses, I find much less patriotic. But I support the right to due so as protected speech.

Your about as patroitic as a

Your about as patroitic as a muslim extreamist TGIX. You bashed the war and bashed the war. You were the one saying Bush lied people died. Your the one that supported Jack Murtha who lied about the Haditha Marines. Or the people that were burning the flag? Or where were you when people were wearing T Shirts saying Bush number one terrorist. You that claim to be a patriot protesting against the war. Ya patriot my ass.

You're missing the point, Neers.

Protesting against the President is patriotic. Protesting against a war you feel is unjust is patriotic. Burning a flag in protest is patriotic.

I love this country and am devoted to its success. That makes me patriotic. And because of my patriotism, when the President leads the nation into an unjust war, I will speak out against him. When he completely botches the execution of that war, I will also speak out against him. When the government fails to take care of all of its citizens, or ignores their civil rights, I will speak out. I criticize my government because I love my country and I want it to be better. That is patriotic.

Don't confuse patriotism with blind nationalism or jingoism.

Threatening to spit on

Threatening to spit on veterans is not patriotic. Protesting against was is patriotic however the way you go about sometimes is not. Everyone knows that the protest against Bush were purely political period. It had nothing to do against the war it just had to do against Bush.

That's crap! My own criticism

That's crap! My own criticism of the war in Iraq was not politically motivated. At least not in the sense you're implying. I most definitely was not opposing it just to get back at Bush in some twisted way. Nor was that the motivation of anyone else I know. Don't presume to know what's going on in my head.

Really SQ How come no more

Really SQ How come no more death counts since Obama has been president? Where did the death counts go? The whole protest thing was motivated by politics period. Ya people do not want to hear that but it was. The only person that I know of who was not motivated by politics is Allen Colmes. He stands against all wars and I respect him for that. But when Clinton went to war for no good reason the liberals supported him except Colmes.


Where are the protest today since Obama is President? How come no one is protesting now?

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? Here's a PDF put out by the Department of Defense showing month by month death tolls and it is very current. Here are some year by year numbers for all coalition casualties. And of course Iraq Body Count is still monitoring civilian deaths from violance in Iraq. And here's an article documenting about 10,000 people who marched on Washington DC this past March to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

There are plenty of people who are still upset and are still protesting. Again, this isn't just about politics. Don't tell me you know what I'm thinking. You obviously don't.

Your showing me a DoD report

Your showing me a DoD report however the news no longers reports how many deaths in both wars.

First of all, that is

First of all, that is factually inaccurate. I have seen and heard many news reports about war casualties since Obama took office. Secondly, what news outlets choose to report, or not report on, has absolutely no bearing on whether outrage against the war in Iraq was genuine or politically motivated. 

Yes, talk of war casualties has lessened, but that is for many reasons. For one, the rate of casualties has lessened. It's a fraction of what it was during the height of the conflict. Also, Obama is actively working to withdraw from Iraq, which takes some of the sting out for some people. Mostly though, Americans are having trouble seeing beyond their own economic problems, so that's where the bulk of the reporting is these days. That is a function of the way news gets reported in a capitalist society and has little to do with personal politics. 

The casualties starting going

The casualties starting going down before Bush left office yet the State Run Media kept on reporting it. Not to mention how politics played a role in this war when Bush was president. The left loved the Afghanistan war for politics said it was the just war and we need to be there as long as possible as soon as Obama became president they said pull out.

Nothing that you're saying in

Nothing that you're saying in anyway indicates that progressives where only against the war because Bush was President, so what's your point? In fact, you're contradicting yourself by saying that they approved of the war in Afghanistan during Bush's presidency. 

They did approve of that war.

They did approve of that war. But not the Iraq war. Do you not watch Jaun Williams?

They did approve of that war.

They did approve of that war. But not the Iraq war.

Which disproves your whole assertion that peoples opposition to a war is solely based on who is in the Oval Office. Thank you for playing.

Lol nice try SQ. the fact of

Lol nice try SQ. the fact of the matter is this. The only reason they approved of the Afghanistan war was so that they did not look like anti war types. Lol. Now they have turned and hate the Afghanistan war since it no longer suits there political agenda.