Nothing wrong with clean

Nothing wrong with clean energy. If anyone can come up with a scenario that does not destroy habitat such as wind mills solar power. I live in a state where they are putting up windmill on top of the mountain destroying thousands of acres of land and habitat. Not to mention the eye sores they are. But removing mountain tops for windmills should be stopped.

oil destroys habitat not wind or solar

what kind of crack are you on?

What a brilliant reply.

Wow what a brilliant reply there dude. That is so witty and smart. Your so smart you should not even be on the same planet as the rest of us. Matter of fact you should be running the world your so smart.


Yep no debate just what kind crack are you on. What a great reply that is just so great.


Does that mean you're not going to tell us?

Someone is sounding a might bit flustered there  LOL!!!!

He really is isn't he. As for

He really is isn't he. As for me I was being sarcastic. But I would never expect you to tell the difference.