Insecure Spouses

I am so sick of insecure spouses.  I mean come on if I wanted someone else I would be with someone else.  Why do I work to support our family if I didn't care.  I give you all the freedom you need and trust you unconditionally,  I just want that in return.  I want to have friends to hang with even when you aren't there.  If you want to hang out with people besides me go ahead.  BECAUSE I TRUST YOU!!!   I work 50+ hours a week, you are with me 24/7 when I am not at work.  I am tired of having to look over my shoulder and wonder if I am doing something to tick you off.  You are an awesome father, our son is wonderful, I just don't know if I can continue living under a microscope.  I love you no matter what, but you being possessive and treating me like I can't be me has to stop. 




I feel your pain. Having a

I feel your pain. Having a spouse that is insecure sucks. I have 3 children been married 26 years and yet I still get the insecurities.

well no wonder

in your case Neers Fan aka MV no wonder she is insecure


Wow you really are so smart. You think that one up all by yourself?