Hollywood peeves that drive me insane.

Hollywood Peeves - Things hollywood does to drive us insane.

Sound Effects

The beeping light and/or the beeping count-down - In just about every movie and TV show made, whenever there's a bomb or a device counting down, they feel the need to add in beeps to coincide with the light blinking or the seconds ticking away.  As soon as the camera turns from the object the noise stops and is never heard again.  How is it possible that these objects all have built-in beepers that mysteriously mute themselves when the camera isn't doing a close-up of them?

The default door sound - Whenever there's an old door that opens, you hear the same sound effect every time.  It opens with a loud click and a loud squeak.

The creepy crawly sound - Whenever there are bugs crawling on something, they feel the need to add random string plucks which is supposed to simulate legs moving, but it always ends up sounding stupid.

The squishy sound - Ever notice how they feel the need to add in squishy sounds whever there's an open wound or something slimy?  It's always the same slurpy/squishy wet sound that is usually too loud and out of place to sound real.

The eagle cry sound - Eagles seem to know exactly when to cry on cue.  Hollywood uses eagle sounds to represent someone being out in the middle of nowhere.

The blowing wind sound - The actor is usually out in the middle of nowhere... wind blows, pauses one second, then blows again.  This sound effect has been used in just about everything.

Computers and Computer Interfaces In Movies and Shows

This happens all the time in movies and TV shows...

The camera shows a screen that has no text or visible user interface, just pictures or graphics, but the user is banging away at the keyboard, supposedly making the computer/software do what they want.

An actor has their hands on the keyboard's home keys and presses them randomly, obviously not typing anything but jibberish, or presses the same key(s) over and over and magically makes the computer/software do what they want.

There's always the cliched computer geek that can hack into anything, program anything, decrypt anything---all in minutes.


The scene switches and suddenly music plays for no reason as the camera pans in on the new scene.  The music fades afer a few seconds as the scene starts and people begin to talk.

Rehash of the same tired songs that have been used for years in every movie to sell it to the public by familiarity, especially to women.  Every time I hear one of the songs I cringe.

The end of Shrek (need I say more?).

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.