Stupid drug ads and fake sicknesses...

  I am sick of all the stupid drug ads that try to fix one condition but you may actually die from a host of other symptoms.  They are almost hilarious if not totally boring and stupid.  And what about all the fake diseases that the medical community always comes up with..ADD, fibromyalgia, etc. ..give me a break.. get up early, work hard and lose some of that fat and you'll feel O.K. ...hey there wasn't any of this crap 5000 years ago and that's how you got here!


I can't speak for

I can't speak for fibromyalgia, but ADD is one of the most researched and best understood behavioral disorders there is. It is very much a real disorder. Calling it "fake" is a disservice to those who suffer from it and an indication of your own ignorance. 

Actually, most of this crap was around 5000 years ago. What wasn't around 5000 years ago was clinical diagnosis or treatment. People just suffered with their disorders and stumbled their way through life, or they died an early death for unknown reasons. 

hey Medical genius...

Ha Ha, don't insult me with your "expert" knowledge of medicine and learn how to spell if you're going to visit my little corner of this site.  If you're so damn fucking smart answer this question.. "Why do we grow old and die?"  ...or perhaps you belong to the medical "corpse".

I would never say I had an

I would never say I had an expert knowledge of medicine. I'm just "damn fucking smart," as you say, and have an above average understanding of the scientific. 

answer this question.. "Why do we grow old and die?"

Are you looking for a treatise on the evolution of aging? An explanation of the biology of death? Or perhaps an introduction to temporal physics? What exactly are you after here Terraform? And how does this question have anything to do with my intelligence?


I will point out that most of the research that has been on ADD and ADHD has been conducted by the drug companies who have a vested interest in making those tests say what they need them to say.  We need research done by companies with no vested interest in the outcome in these studies. 

Other 'artificial' diseases

There are several, which I'm unable to recall [a 'senior moment'], but the one that always seems ridiculous, to me, is 'Nervous Leg Syndrome'.  It's simply a normal reaction to changes in metabolism, environment, etc.  Ever watch a dog appear to be dreaming of chasing his favorite prey? Same thing.

I've not personally heard much on the subject, but I expect  to see a lot of 'medical cures' regarding 'cellphone-itis; be it the similarity to 'tennis elbow', or 'carpel tunnel syndrome'. Hell, I even expect to see all the 'ambulance chaser' lawyers advertising to handle your case, if your earring becomes burning hot, from the RF generated through cellphone misuse.

The best add ever to sell a

The best add ever to sell a stupid drug is If you have an erection more then 4 hours seek medical help. LMAO.