Boyfriends that Forget Valentines Day Celebrations and Gifts


I am hoping that not all men forget Valentines Day, but my ex was one of those clueless guys.  He did not even buy me a box of chocolates or anything!  I do not mean I need to receive an expensive gift or celebration, just something that shows you care.  It is very important to most women.  I do not understand men like this, but I do hope that this is a rare occurance!


Hey---We do the best we can do!

I have been so busy I forget last year. Not this year. I'm giving my gift early because I have to work! We desrve a little credit?


Valentines Day is just a Hallmark Holiday to most men.  To be honest..I'd rather that my sweety show me love 364 days a year rather than to spend money on me just because it's "Valentines Day".

At least he remembered...

My (not yet) ex knows that I love roses and used to get me them all the time , even for no special occasion, then he started getting me just a card with roses on it and that was fine too. It showed he still remembered Valentines Day and he got me my roses..(well sort of..LOL)

No not all men forget

No not all men forget just the assholes/douchebags are the ones that forget. Ya got to get with a decent "nicer guy" that actually puts thought into it and actually remembers.