People from Other Cultures Who Use their Culture as an Excuse to be Rude and Disrespectful

I live in a diverse neighbor and overall I have had no problems with anyone, except the neighbor under me who constantly plays extremely loud Latin music all times of the day and night on and off.  I complained about him over and over to the manager and then the manager claims that it is just their culture to play loud music and want others to join in.  I say it is just plain rude and disrespectful and I do not care if it is their culture or not.  I am paying rent to live in an apartment, not a nightclub. If I hear your music over my TV and over earplugs then you have a problem!


I just bought my wife a bunny

I know what you are talking about. We have a group from Kenya that comes in every year. Well all of us state workers take  vacation when they come in because they are a bunch of rude assholes.The contractors have to deal them he he.

Loud Illegals

Mostly what I deal with is a bunch of illegal immigrants with no education or manners.  I hate to generalize, but most of them in my complex are serious noise problems.  I would move, but I cannot afford it now.  I just hope that this manager does something about it, as I am not paying to hear someone else in my apartment!

Sick and tired..

I know whatcha mean and I don't understand how the rest of us have to abide by the rules..but since these people from other cultures have gotten it into their heads that they can scream racism and just lets them get away with it because they don't want to deal with a lawsuit.


Oh hell no!!! Not acceptable...

I would go over that managers head to the main person in charge. That manager has to have a boss, whether he/she is on premises or not. I would find out where the main office is for the complex and get in touch with them...Let me know, I will do it for you...hehe


I say the same thing.  I have a legal signed lease which specifically states rules regarding noisy parties and the right to quiet enjoyment. I have contacted Landlord Tenant office here and they are sending a mediator over if it does not stop. Also the jerk assaulted me by grabbing at me in the hallway.  The case is still opened, but I cannot believe a management company allows him to live here! Most companies do not allow sex offenders.  The detective told me it was sexual battery. The fat jerk!  GRRRHHH!!  So far today it has been quiet, thank you Jesus!  I am still irked by that culture response. I am half Greek, but you don't see me dancing in the streets drinking ouzo!!

I have no problem being

I have no problem being tolerant of those who come from different cultures, but there has to come a point where a line is drawn. We've allowed the politcally correct crowd to run rough shod all over us and it's time to start ignoring the nut jobs.


This Is the US and Our Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with you. I am very tolerant, but I am also sick and tired of wasting resouces to other cultures to respect the American way , language and culture. If you lived in France or other countries in Europe, you either conform or you are screwed. That is the way it should be in the US.


. Frankly, my ancestors came here one generation ago and they had to publicly conform to the US norms and laws and ethics. At home, they could speak whatever langauge and do whatever they wanted. We waste too mucvh money trying to get other cultures to be comfortable--- where it should be the other way around. That is not intolerant or racist--it is just practical.

The U.S. is a melting pot. We

The U.S. is a melting pot. We benefit from drawing on aspects of a multitude of cultures. Integrating into American culture doesn't mean completely abandoning your own culture. On the contrary, we encourage people to contribute aspects of their culture just as they embrace aspects of other cultures, all of which form the fabric of our society. Cultural sensitivity is the American way!

Respecting other cultures isn't being PC. It's just being respectful. And we should all endeavor to show respect for everyone. However, this is a two way street. Your neighbor should respect your personal and cultural need for peace and quiet, just as you should respect their cultural desire for loud music. There's no reason why a compromise couldn't be found that allows you both to meet your needs. But there is also no reason to expect that either of you should understand the other person's perspective until it has been explained. 

So I would ask, when this problem first started did you approach your neighbor in a friendly way and calmly explain the impact his music was having on your wellbeing? You can't expect someone to respect your needs if you haven't told them what those needs are yet. We all come from different places, with different life experiences and none of us are mind readers. You should never assume that someone is trying to be disrespectful, or is even aware that what they're doing has a negative impact on you. 

Speaking from personal experience, if one of my neighbors comes at me in an aggressive manor, or goes to management about an issue before approaching me personally, then I find it extremely disrespectful. And if they're going to show me so little respect then I feel no compulsion to show them respect. If, on the other hand, they start with the assumption that I actually want to be a good member of the community and approach me calmly with their issue, then I will go out of my way to right any inadvertent wrongs and make them happy. A little patience and understanding can prevent a lifetime of headaches. 

If you approach someone respectfully and they refuse to compromise, then they are just being an asshole and culture has nothing to do with it. In this case though it sounds like the building manager was using culture as an excuse, not the neighbor himself. The manager needs to get over himself and mediate an acceptable resolution to the dispute. That's what building managers are paid for.