Big hardware stores.

I don't know about you all but unless I know exactly what I am looking for I have had no luck with the big hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. When I ask a question I get this dumb founded look on there face. Then I get a bullshit answer. So that is why I do most of my hardware shopping at my local hardware store unless there is something specific I am looking for. I was looking for some pipe insulation for my water pipes that I was going to bury. When I went to Lowes I asked what kind of insulation was the best. They gave me this dumbfounded look and no one could answer my question. Frustrated I went to my local hardware store and they were very helpful. Not only did I get the right stuff I got the stuff that is self adhesive. Ya I paid more for it but for them answering my questions and being very customer service friendly they got my business.

Not only could they not answer my questions I had to wait an hour for someone to even to talk to me. At my local place they were right there asking what I needed what I was doing and even gave me some tips on how to do it.


We Love Ace Hardware

While all my friends spend an entire day at Lowes or Home Depot, we spent 20 minutes getting tons of personal attention and help ( without the frickin telephone in the store-- by people who do speak english) to find and purchase what we need. That is what America used to be about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man your 100 percent

Oh man your 100 percent correct. I would rather spend a few extra dollars and get in and get out then spend a half a day waiting for someone to tell you nothing.