Angry retail employees!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong. I've worked retail in the past and I know that there are some A** hole costumers out there. However, recently I’ve had a string of bad experiences with retail employees brushing me off or acting as if I'm not even there when all I'm trying to do is ask a question. Again, I have worked retail and because of that I make it a point to be nice and polite when shopping in a retail type store. That being said it’s just a shame when an employee decides that I'm not worth the customer service.

know what I mean?



My daughter works in costumer

My daughter works in costumer service at a retail place and she tells me horror stories about people that are just assholes. Trying to return stuff 2 year old and throwing a fit right in the store when she tells them no. I could not work in customer service I would ring someones neck.