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Channel Flippers/Remote Hoarders

I hate channel flippers. My grandparents came over to my house for Thanksgiving. I was looking forward to a relaxing day of watching football. My Grandpa insisted that he hold the TV remote the entire time he was here. I told him I wanted to watch the football game. He turned it to the game but as soon as I left to use the restroom, he flipped the channel. When I came back, I asked him to change it back to the game and he told me that he will but he wanted to see what else was on. He flipped and flipped and flipped and didn't watch a single show but he wouldn't turn it to the game. I missed the Detroit and the Dallas game. It was so irratating. He would turn it to a show and right as it was getting interesting, he would flip the channel. Another thing, he would mute all the commercials and would keep forgetting to unmute. He also had the volume turned up really loud because he has a hearing aide. I'm not sure which was worse - no sound or too loud. Next year, I won't invite him to Thanksgiving. I should have known better. He does this every year - it doesn't matter whose house we are at. He will probably do this at Christmas too. He throws a big fit if he doesn't get the remote and then he won't actually watch anything. My cousins and I will have to resort to playing card games again. I love my Grandpa but I am not looking forward to spending Christmas with him.


Channel Flippers/Remote Hoarders

Sounds to me that it is you that is the root of the family relationship problem, and you're not willing to admit it. !!!  Why bother inviting your grandfather, if all you intend on doing, is sit on your [probably] fat ass, and watch football games? Instead, plan on mutually interesting activities, and don't even turn on the TV. The TV is simply a device to make us DUMBER. Besides, are you unable to do without it, for a single day???  When your grandfather is no longer around, will you cherish those moments [that you spent watching a totally useless sport, having NO redeeming value of any consequence.  I really would have enjoyed having the opportunity to share more time together; with my, now long deceased, grandfather,  Even if it were simply chatting over a game of checkers. Value the limited time you have available, for those moments. He probably will appreciate the interaction.

Turn off the IDIOT BOX, to which you obviously have become addicted,   Conversely, if you must demonstrate your lack of consideration for human relationships, simply place a set of weak batteries, in the remote for your grandfather to utilize. You could then use a spare remote control, to enable your self-centered interests.  If I were your grandfather, I'd make damn sure you were deleted from my will.

Get real AZ

There are some family members that do this sort of thing, and it's not AG's fault, and it's not AG that is the problem.

My family was never HUGE football fans, but it was tradition that football was on during Thanksgiving. Not while we ate, but as soon as we were done eating it was football time, and nothing else (for X-mas it's the all day marathon of A Christmas Story). After my A-hole uncles wife left him, my mom felt she had to invite him to dinner (which only lasted two years). He was the same as your grandfather - a remote hoarder that would put something on for a little while, then change it - and would NEVER leave the game on. 

Maybe I should tell a little background on this A-hole uncle: He married when I was two, and my family never saw or heard from him until his wife left him. Then all of a sudden he was back in our lives as though he never left. When I was growing up the only thing I knew about him was from the pics of my moms family as kids. As soon as he married he turned his back on our family and never even contacted his parents (my grandparents). But the day his wife told him the marriage was over, he was right back at my grandmothers house (something my grandfather would have never stood for). So my mom just figured being family (and that my grandmother was at EVERY holiday we had) he would have to be there too.

Back to Turkey day: I will never forget the first one he came to, and how he just plain didn't fit in and how he was ruining everything. From complaining about dinner (which for years nobody had any complaints about) to just being loud and turning the conversation to him and his life (as though he was proud of something). Finally when dinner was over, most of us went to watch the games, the familly ritual that had been going on for years and years (as far back as I could remember). Next thing you know there's the A-hole uncle taking over the prime seat (the only recliner we had) and grabbing the remote and changing the channel. Well, us kids were raised to respect our elders, so it was right to mom and dad we went to complain. It took about two hours for A-hole uncle to fall asleep, and my dad took the remote from his sleeping hand and put the game back on. Then he hid the remote.

What happened next? A-hole uncle woke up and wanted to change the game but couldn't find the remote. When he asked where it was my dad said "You had it last, we changed the channel on the tv cause we didn't know where you put the remote". Well he was too lazy to get up and change the channel so we finally had our football back.

The next year was his last year of holidays with my family. After my grandmother passed away he felt the house and everything on the property was his, no matter what the will said. It took over a year of legal battles to get the will settled, and three appraisers. The land was to be divided evenly between the three kids, but it turned into a royal mess. My mother and him don't talk, and she's not allowed on the property without calling his lawyer to set up an appointment to go there. Thankfully she has no need to go there, and she has not talked to him in years. He has been shut out of our family by his own doings, and he has yet to try to fix things.

You're not alone AG, just try to come up with some way around it - like setting the channel and hiding the remote!