OffAir television reception.

I live 'out in the boondocks', in mountainous terrain. Prior to the Analog To Digital Transition, our community could receive [in varying degrees of quality] 7 channels, on an rotator equipped far-fringe outdoor antenna.  Which BTW, cost hundreds of dollars to buy/install/maintain. If your property is on the north facing side of the terrain and/or you don't have clear 'line of sight' to the satellite Clark Belt, satellite reception is impossible.  Cable is mostly unavailable, as it's much too costly for the cable companies to run the necessary cables; and their subscription rates are ridiculous.  After the ATDT, {requiring purchase of a 'converter box'; which means they'll eventually require you to subscribe, or be cut off} there is only a single channel available, PERIOD, [only if you're 'line of sight' to a particular mountain top] and that happens to be NBC; well known for their very biased programming/newscasts.