So, with the unemployement rate above 10%, where is TGIX???

Actually, I meant where is Obama and Biden coming forth saying this was what they 'planned' to happen. What with all that 'Bail-out' money and TARP funding, how many people were STILL laid off? WHO IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS??? What SHOULD have happened (and yes, I emailed BOTH Presidents about this, Bush when it was starting to go down, and Obama when it was still not too late to control) is that we LET those companies take the fall (as in BANKRUPTCY AND/OR RE-SHUFFLING the way they did their business) and, while it would have hurt, this would have ended MUCH earlier than it probably will with the government stepping in!

Oh, and what about the help they gavfe to the BIG TWO American Car makers (only two because Ford didn't partake), we have two companies that are STILL in danger of banckruptcy and the Auto Unions happy as clams (not sure why, they STILL are out of work!) and then there is FORD, Ford, a company that USED to be one of the worst, was just recently rated as an INTERNATIONAL BEST CAR by JP MORGAN! Ford, a company that just showed a PROFIT while the othr two are still floundering!




Wow, Walter, you're being so

Wow, Walter, you're being so patient. I mean, giving the president an entire year to completely turn around the world's largest economy, in the midst of a global recession, and to get everyone hired again? That's very big of you.

I don't care what any of the politicians say. I sure didn't expect the job market to pick-up any faster than this, and if you have half a brain, you shouldn't either. Employment numbers are always the last thing to rise after a recession, but at least It looks like the economy is turning around now. You talk as if letting all those companies fail would have been a sure path to a fast ending recession, but that's just crap. There's no evidence to show that would be the case. In fact, there's an excellent case to be made that letting the companies fail would have created a much deeper recession that was even harder to crawl out of. 

Ultimately the economy is all about confidence. If consumers are confident in their financial future than they will buy things. And if companies are confident in their consumers than they will hire more people. When everyone's feeling confident, the money moves, the people work and the economy grows. I don't know about you, but watching major corporations crumble before my eyes would not have a positive impact on my confidence. 


I believe differently than you do, I actually think and believe that IF those poorly run companies WERE allowed to fail, they WOULD have been 'eaten up' and/or replaced by better run companies. I believe that if the government actually allowed our economy to do what it always does, it would have turned itself around much faster in the long run.

How can I say this? Easy, in Japan, when their top banks did the same as ours did, their governments let them fall, those banks were bought by otehr banks and became stronger and more stable in the long run. That said, watchinig corporations crumble and watching others come in and take over because they were stronger and better ran, does so much more for my confidence in our system than watchinig a floundering auto company (that should have fell long ago) continue on their fall, but now much slower and still 'bleeding' workers left and right.

However, using the psychology of people answer, when people are given 'rewards' for not doing well, they lose the initiative to do better. It turns iinto the same problem we faced in the 90s when there was no real incentive for women on welfare to stop having more babies for the money instead of tryinig to go to school to make theirs and their families lives better, you know, give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish, he will never go hungry.

No, to me, everything this government has done, and the administrations before, has had one goal, and that is to make us all dependent on 'them' and their handouts instead of on ourselves.

You tell me, where am I mistaken? I do have confidence, confidence that this president and this administration will do everythinig in their culmulative power to bring this about. You go ahead and continue to excuse them for not doing what they said, for appearing to just be mistaken on the time-line, but do it while continuing to ignore the lessons of history. I know when it all 'comes together' you won't remember you were warned. You will just sit back and accept it.

ummm, I don't know if you

ummm, I don't know if you know but Ed had a REALLY BAD accident a couple months back.  He told me about it on Facebook.  that's why he's MIA.  He's doing better but just trying to get his life back on track.


Thanks for the update Dawn. I really was getting worried about him.