Drivers in foggy conditions


How many times when it is so foggy you can barely see the front end of your own car do other people insist on driving with no headlights on? I was nearly T-boned one morning taking my 8-yr-old daughter to school because I was trying to get out into a busy highway. I stopped at the end of my side street, turned the radio off, opened the car windows, asked my daughter to stay quiet a moment, listened carefully and ended up pulling out in front of someone with no lights driving a gray car - blends right in, folks.

Ladies and gentlemen ... if it's foggy out turn on your headlights! If you can't see a lighted gas station sign ten feet away it's time to turn on the lights.


It makes you wonder if ...

It makes you wonder if these people went to school to learn how to be such complete idiots. Surely this high level of idiocy cannot be achieved naturally.

They think that because ...

They think that because they can see that it's OK. All they think about is themselves. I don't think it ever occurs to them that it would not be a bad idea to allow others on the road to be able to see them too. They're just that stupid and/or selfish (as if it takes any effort and it costs absolutely zero unless you drive a hybrid and then it might cost a tiny amount more gas per mile by using more electricity, ONLY in a hybrid, but still may very well be a life saver).

the lights is one of my ...

the lights is one of my biggest peeves.

its snowing..... you turn your lights on

its pouring rain.... you turn your lights on....

same with fog as the original post mentioned

seems like common sense, but apparently it is rocket science.

yes, people are very self absorbed. I drive a manual car, and one winter day this past winter was having a rough time getting up an unplowed/unsanded/unsalted incline on a road near my apartment. I was keeping the car in good control, but still swerving a little and couldn't help it. I was noticeably having a hard time.

all of a sudden i see a car come up behind me and swerve into the other lane, with NO LIGHTS ON..... i had to stop in the middle of the incline/hill and had a hard time getting going again and regaining momentum. i was then passed repeatedly by other vehicles rather than them waiting a few extra seconds for me to slowly get to the top of the hill.

but the car in the snow passing a fishtailing vehicle and doing so with no lights on..... one of the many examples of the ultimate self absorbed driver!

Last night driving home ...

Last night driving home from the's after 9pm and I'm on the highway and my boyfriend's sister says, "Hey, check out the car with no headlights on." I look behind us and think to myself, "What car?" It was a black CR-V kind of car about 6 cars behind us. I barely saw it.

I guess they never went to ...

I guess they never went to drivers' ed.

But in fog PLEASE don't ...

But in fog PLEASE don't put bright lights on when others are around you. They won't be able to see!!