I'm not even getting into its ethics. Here's a few gripes:

10. Is it a minivan convention in disguise?

9. How have we made the parking system so complicated? It seems like a relatively simple idea.

8. Honestly, what makes it Super? It can't be having the grocery section. That's the deadliest area.

7. Shopping carts. Gahhh

6. How did I get here? I thought I was headed home. Crap, what time is it?

5. Everyone seems to move in slow motion, except for the wild kids.

4. Parents -- has yelling at your kids ever convinced them to behave in public? You're ten times more annoying then they could ever be.

3. How can a single person block an eight foot wide aisle?

2. How do I manage to pick the slowest checkout line every damn time?

1. The abyss that is Walmart somehow keeps dragging me back.


I hate everything about ...

I hate everything about Wal-Mart, (and I'm not even going to start on ethics either, because that's another gripe entirely) but two things I hate the most are the messy aisles with boxes and junk everywhere and the LIGHTING! That warehouse flourescent lighting gives me a headache within two minutes. I don't know why buy it doesn't seem to be as bad at Target. Wal-Mart is evil.