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Slappy's posts may have an unusual attitude and it€™s because this site allows a bit of anonymity that we do not have when in the public eye. It gives me a chance to vent and say what I WANT to say about something or someone. I sit around every day with other cops talking about the same stuff we talk about here. I know what other cops think about things. We agree that what makes the €œgeneral public€ the general public is that 99% percent of them are truly morons. I never hear how the public feels about certain things. So I like the fact this site keeps me connected with normal people. (some are normal anyway) It gives the people I have met here a chance to vent to an officer without the fear of a beat down or some other legal retaliation. It gives me a chance to vent about people in general without the fear of some wussy crybaby making a complaint. Also everybody seems to forget cops ARE actually people with opinions. We can€™t voice them too often because crybaby pansies like Billie€Jesus€Booger and TG€Jesus€IX get their feelings hurt and feel the need to boo-hoo about it. They are the very people that go out of their way to try to get an officer to do something they can complain about. The purpose of which IS NOT because they honestly feel they were wronged, but only to try to get an officer in trouble to make themselves feel better about the fact they can€™t follow societies rules.  I don€™t have to, nor do I have any desire to, prove anything to anybody here. You believe what you want to believe. I just know I am happier than can be EVERY time I slap the cuffs on people like Billie€Jesus€Booger and TG€Jesus€IX and throw them in jail. Some of us took the high road in life and my city IS a better place because of people like ME. Fewer traffic accidents, much fewer drunk driving deaths and injuries, less drugs and fewer spouses getting beat up etc etc etc. I love my job and little pukes like Billie€Jesus€Booger can€™t take that away from me.  I deal with crybabies like her everyday. She just wants to try to bring others down because she is so unhappy that she have chosen a path in life that is destructive to herself and others.

 TG€Jesus€IX €“

€œ ANY Real police officer would know that MANY police officers moonlight as security guards, have police powers while doing so, and slappy tells us that this never happens.€
 Many officers DO moonlight as security guards because the money IS good, myself included. However how much authority they have depends on what their department policy allows. You WILL NOT find find cops moonlighting as mall €œsecurity guards.€ If they are there in an official capacity they are there to respond to what the security guards report to them. You can usually find those cops sitting in their cars waiting to be called. I have nothing I need to prove to you either. You believe what you want. Nothing I can say or do will change your opinion. I could care less. I enjoy dealing with you  crybabies on the street. Yall are fun AND always lose. Which is why you crybaby about everything. The fantasy world yall want does not exist and never will. America has proven over and over again that we are anti-crime. I have found that the ONLY people that boo-hoo about law enforcement are those who have chosen to break the rules and who want to delegate the blame for their legal troubles on someone else. You two have chosen to behave in a manner that threatens everything the good people work for. Be it money, material possessions, or relationships. People like me have chosen to take on the responsibility of being there to hold you accountable. And we LOVE IT.
AND TGIX, it€™s about time you showed youself again, I was beginning to worry about you.

Happy Monday law abiders, I hope you had a good weekend NOT being in trouble with the law or making excuses for those who are.


I didn't break any laws, ...

I didn't break any laws, at least none that I know of! :)
and not on purpose.

Did we have a bad weekend ...

Did we have a bad weekend slappy? I had a good weekend well it was too short.

Slappy calm down...I do ...

Slappy calm down...I do respect cops and i try to stay out of trouble.... I do like being handcuft but only for fun....LMAO

I said "Happy Monday law ...

I said "Happy Monday law abiders" - I truely meant that. I know MOST people on here are good and ecent law-abiding people. But as I stated above we have a few that choose not to follow the rules. Their attitudes alone tell me what side of the law they are on.

I'm having a great Monday. I did as little as possible this weekend. Just hung out with family and kinda lounged around.

slappy, it would be nice ...

slappy, it would be nice to talk to you face to face but that can't happen. A friend of mine is a retired LAPD cop and it's fascinating to hear his perspectives on things. Truth is though, I haven't seen him in years.

Anyway, hang in there and I'm glad I'm not alone in my opinions about what makes TGIX tick. I don't get on here to argue but exchange ideas and with some people, that's impossible. These are trying times for sure and I'm not certain America will survive what's coming. It's kind of like the family business that the kids inherit and trash it because they didn't pay the prices it took to build it.

What the hell. Other societies have screwed their pooch. Why should we be any different.

i speed. usually about 15 ...

i speed. usually about 15 over the limit. im sorry, but i use the highway a lot and it sucks going 55. it really does!

slappy, forgive me for the ...

slappy, forgive me for the following :)

Ms. Banana (May I call you that)?
The faster you go, the more severe the damage and the more dangerous things become but that fact doesn't hold back aviation.

Imagine an altitude ceiling of five feet max because let's face it, the higher you go, the greater the chance you'll die in an accident. Or, what's the difference between 180 mph and 500mph? You're dead if you hit something anyway.

Out of the million miles (mostly highway) or so that I've driven, I had to panic stop once. I was driving in Georgia with out of state plates and wasn't about to risk a speeding ticket so I kept to the speed limit. Bottom line is, that if I had been going a little faster from the time we left our motel, I would have been past the point of the near accident before the circumstance arose. Accidents are a coincidence of two people being in the same space at the same time. Change one of the variables and the accident won't happen.

I wanted to be a cop, ...

I wanted to be a cop, thought about doing APD academy. Got all the info I needed, then my husband wouldn't let me...I think he thought I was pulling his chain. I have been the prison guard, and the "LP agent" for old navy, and i loved both jobs. But now that I have kids, I don't really know how anyone picks that career choice. I would hate to deal with ass holes on a daily basis, (more than you would come across in a cubie setting). I would hate the feeling of pulling someone over, and knowing they are strung out, but NOT knowing what they are strung out on.
I agree with Slappy, this is the place to vent.....we have all said that at one time or another. And I wouldn't feel the need to explain myself either, no one on here needs all your personal information, unless you choose to share it. What is the point of arguing about someone's career?? How does it effect the next person one way or another?? It doesn't. Just another topic to argue on...and there are plenty of thingss to argue about, so pick another one.

this morning, i was on ...

this morning, i was on I-90 and there was a muffler in the road. i couldnt swerve to avoid it, there was a lot of debris on the shoulder, so i rode over it hoping i would clear it. NOPE! it banged my undercarriage something fierce. i only hope it didnt dent it. scared the hell out of me. whos in charge of making sure the roads are clear of debris? if it messed up my car....im gonna be sooooo pissed.

and yes, you may call me ...

and yes, you may call me ms. banana. lol. it sounds funny.

Ms. Banana, not to get ...

Ms. Banana, not to get personal but is there a Mr. conanabanana? (You can answer that. I'm too old for you and besides, I'm ugly and my mommy dresses me funny)

lol, calted. not a MR, but ...

lol, calted. not a MR, but an eventual mr. 5 years dating.

Who doesn't speed? I don't ...

Who doesn't speed? I don't even stop people until they're 12 or so over the limit. Also taken into account are the conditions surrounding the person speeding. Obviously the more dangerous the conditions, the more likely you are to get stopped. I'm about 50-50 when it comes to warnings and tickets. Not everybody I stop gets a ticket. The decision to ticket or not ticket is made before the overheads come on. I€™ve been cursed up one side and down the other, only to stick to my original decision, which was to give a warning. I€™ve said it a thousand times before, EVERY fatality I€™ve worked involved somebody speeding, running a stop sign, or running a stoplight. I don€™t hold grudges against the people I stop for speeding or other traffic violations. The goal is everybody getting where they need to be as safely as possible. I€™ve had people thank me for not being a jerk while having them stopped. I believe if you are a jerk people you stop, it WILL NOT result in them changing their driving habits. In fact, it will make them drive more aggressively and with spite.

Conana - The street dept is in charge of clearing the debirs from roadways. We are usually the ones that do it because we are there much quicker due to the fact it's a hazard. So WE gotta stand there with traffic whizzing by and pick up the crap some dickweed threw on the road.

Great Original Post Slappy!!

My husband used to be a cop years ago. He still stands by the way he was trained and has no use for those that abuse the law and blame someone else for it.

He let an awful lot of people go on warnings, yet when they were speeding or tailgating, etc., making it unsafe for other drivers..he nailed them with a ticket. He also used to nail the ones driving recklessly in bad conditons whether it be bad weather, construction zones, heavy traffic, etc.

He has no use for drunken drivers and everytime he ran across them, he gave them a ticket. Safety was always his first concern and drinking and driving not only put the driver in jeopardy..but everyone around them.

Many called him the "Biggest Butthead Cop" in the village he lived in, as he took many of his friends in. Yet rules are rules and the last thing he wanted was to find one of his friend in a bad accident; hurting themselves or someone else.

Many say he could have at least given them a ride home and left their car sitting there, yet what sort of lesson would that have been..my husband knew them well enough that they'd just go out and do it again. Told me that if he could save the lives of stupid idiots, (including some of his friends)..he had to do what was best for them to get them off the streets and quit drinking and driving.

He chased many people over fences..fighting off neighborhood dogs (did you ever have to do that Slappy?) and had to go to many domestic abuse situations. Had to go to many houses where people had died..and stay there until the EMT's got there.

The police are the ones that stick around during bad situations and make sure that people are safe. Some people call them every name in the book, as I'm sure you're used to Slappy, While you try to uphold the law, keep people safe, while being polite about it..some people must really get on your last nerve at times!!

No respect at all for authority and that's what makes me so angry!!

My husband told me that some of the worst situations were when there was an accident and traffic slowed down to a crawl..not because they had to..as they could keep moving..but everybody had to slow down and look. Once they had the accident under control and it was out of the way of traffic; people STILL had to slow down and look..thus causing MORE traffic accidents because people are paying more attention to the previous accident, etc...often causing more!!

Give you a lot of credit Slappy!!

slappy, the CHP works in ...

slappy, the CHP works in tandem with one patrol car intentionally holding back and slowing traffic (running a break I think it's called), so his partner up ahead can remove whatever it is.

Ms. Banana, good for you ...

Ms. Banana, good for you but 5 years is a long time.
I guess young folks are delaying marriage quite a bit lately.
My one daughter was in the thirties when she married and the other one is still looking.

Good luck!

well, we started dating ...

well, we started dating right out of high school at 18 years old. we are in no hurry. were both only 23. he JUST turned 23 a few days ago.

i was going to stop and put on my flashers to move the muffler after running it over, but it got thrown to the shoulder after i hit it. so, in a way, i did move it. stupid people and their nasty ass broken down cars.

Slappy, Very well said. ...

Very well said. keep up the good work.

conana, that is why you ...

conana, that is why you should keep metal coat hangers in the trunk of junky cars! You are a stronger person than me, dating for 5 years. We dated for about 2 months and took off to Vegas. 5 years and 3 kids later................. and no, I wasn't pregnant when we got married....that was 2 months later! :)

I dated mine for 4 yrs ...

I dated mine for 4 yrs then got married.
mandy, only 2 months, that's brave, some can do it, I had to get to know mine better!

It must have been the ...

It must have been the sparkle in his eye.......or the bud light.... :)
We started dating after xmas, an he proposed in January. We were gonna wait until December, cause we had to plan and tell our fam., but february rolled around, and we decided to just jump in. We didn't tell our families until after we got home. Some of them didn't even know we were dating. It's all good if your heart is in the right spot. I kinda did know him, though. his little sister was in my grade in HS..

I've been married 42 years ...

I've been married 42 years and can't wait for that handsome guy to come on a white horse and take my wife away from all this :)

LOL! Calted, you are so ...

LOL! Calted, you are so bad! You know you can hire those, right??? :P

My conscience would bother ...

My conscience would bother me but if it happens au natural, well that's different! I can shrug, say something like, "that's life I guess" and go on with my new life. I've heard a lot about dirty old men. I wanna be one when I grow up!

give me your address, and ...

give me your address, and let me know when she is home, and I am sure I can find a nice white horse with a dark headed, bright eyed, muscled body to come knocking on your door. Just say the word......... What I wouldn't do to insure a friends happiness.........

You're a real pal! I ...

You're a real pal! I wish......

i wouldnt mind getting ...

i wouldnt mind getting married now, its just that we have no money and we live with his parents. ::eeek:: so, theres no rush.

and mandy, 2 months is too soon for me. but some people just know what they want and they take it while they can. i congratulate you on that. ::applause::

......I am so confused, ...

......I am so confused, did I miss something good while I was away? what's the whole "TG jesus and booger" thing? and what are are banana, clalted and nolen talking about? when I come after the fact and only scan I feel so behind :-(, seriously, I can't follow the rant, anyone wanna catch me up?

etgoddess, go look under ...

etgoddess, go look under "thanks asshole" post.

Conana, if you can wait until I send calted's wife a horse with a friend, he will be single and available...... I think he is well established, after being married for 42 years. Since she is leaving him for the horse and friend, he gets the house and all. (I don't think he lives with his parents.....but his parents might live with him!)

I'll send anyone who wants ...

I'll send anyone who wants it, an application.

lol! I didn't know there ...

lol! I didn't know there was an application process......must be a very highly recomended "job"

In my dreams!

In my dreams!