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unenthusiastic sports "fans"


As a redsox fan since birth, and a die hard sox fan at that, I have a lot of trouble dealing with the lethargic sports fans you often find around the country. I'll site the chicago cubs and their fans as the most frustrating case for me. Cubs fans claim to be hardcore baseball fans, but when you go to a game at wrigley field, where is the energy? Cubs fans use their games as casual social events; there is no excitement or anger. While I am not an angry person, watching the redsox struggle is incredibly frustrating and causes me much anger. There is no comparison between the mood at a game at fenway and a game at wrigley. So until I see serious commitment and energy from the calm, pleasant fans of the midwest I can only view them as phonies and a very large pet peeve of mine.


soxdude7, having been ...

soxdude7, having been abandoned by the Brooklyn Dodgers many years ago, I realized that the wonderful game of baseball (my idealistic view of it as a teen), is just another business.

I used to be able to root for Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Gil Hodges, etc., every year because basically, that was the team. Now, the mortal enemy's pitcher of this year will be the Dodger's pitcher next year. BAH!

So, I watch you sports fanatics in desbelief and am especially appalled at the antics of soccer fans.

My daughter knows more about football than I do for example.

I don't think I fall into that category of phony or do I?

I think I'm a bit off from your actual topic but wanted to vent.

its just a game. something ...

its just a game. something to sit back and enjoy. to reason to get all huffy about something that doesnt even concern you or change your life in any way. i could see friends and family getting their panties in a bunch because theyre there to support their loved one/s. otherwise, i see it as a waste to go all crazy. but then again, a reaction to something is human nature. some people just dont have a huge reaction to things (me) and some will riot and make it like its the end of the world ("bro-in-law").

welcome to pet peeves soxdude7.

I guess what I find ...

I guess what I find frustrating is that there are simply multiple cultures of baseball fans. Growing up watching the red sox every night for seven months out of the year, however little many may feel about the effect on one's life, it is to me a large commitment and thus a large part of my life. I simply feel like this is something less prevalent outside of the northeast baseball culture. Specifically lacking in the midwest (cubs, cardinals who were even lethargic fans during the recent world series appearances ec.). I would love to see a general increase in true baseball aficionados.

i see your point. i ...

i see your point. i suppose "to each their own." ive personally never been huge on sports. i will watch but i dont get all fired up about anything that happens. but again, thats just me though. but i totally understand what youre saying and i suppose it would be nice if sports "fans" would get a little more enthused about the games rather than making it a social event.

They're not lethargic. ...

They're not lethargic. They're drunk.

Which reminds me; mine's empty. Pass me anot her cold one while yer up.

I'm not a sports fan so I ...

I'm not a sports fan so I understand how to be "calm".
But if I was a fan I would be pretty loud, like when I'm at a music concert.

Not all sports fans live ...

Not all sports fans live and die by what their team does. Also, those of us on the East coast are generally more intense about EVERYTHING than those midwesterners. It's a personality type and a way of life, but it doesn't make them less "real" fans. :)

How about those fans who ...

How about those fans who paint their face in the team colors. I always kind of admired them, sort of...

The good part is that, as you make a complete fool of yourself, and yet -
No One Knows Who You Are!

The part that kind of sucks is that you get shown on TV (which is the whole point, right?) but then -
No One Knows Who You Are!

Could it be because a lot ...

Could it be because a lot of the games are played during peoples regular work hours? Football and basketball games are usually played when people have a shot at going to them or at least seeing them on tv. It's hard to get excited about something that's going on while I'm at work and can"t watch.

Baseball just isn't what ...

Baseball just isn't what it used to be. Like calted said it's all about the money these days NOT the team concept. As I kid I rooted for the BoSox. Yaz, Butch Hobsen, Carlton Fisk, Ek, Rice, etc and they could be counted on to be there season after season. Nowadays, once a team wins a world series, the team disintegrates. No team in the modern era had fielded the same team two consecutive seasons. It€™s lame.

I've long ago come to the ...

I've long ago come to the conclusion that L.A. is not a sports town. Hell, we don't even have an NFL team! Where else does visiting team fans outnumber that of the home team at any sporting event? A hardcore Dodgers fan is one who actually stays for the entire game. The rest leave in the 5th or 6th inning to beat the traffic. Another characteristic of the L.A. sports fan is that if the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, or whoever is doing good it's "We're #1", but if not, they'll be the first to tell you that the team sucks!

Soccer fans! Now THAT'S ...

Soccer fans! Now THAT'S another story. What is it about soccer, particularly in other countries, that brings a out a certain something in people? In 1969 El Salvador and Honduras actually went to war over a soccer game! I often joke to British friends that the difference between American football and footie (soccer) is that in American football the violence is on the field. In soccer the violence is in the stands.