things to never say to a cop


No offense to Slappy all meant in good humor! 

1. Got Doughnuts?

2. Hey where's Ponch(from CHIPS)?

3. Thats not my beer its yours!

4. Shouldn't you be at Duncan Doughnuts?

5. Ahhhhhh! I smell fresh bacon!

6. Nice tits! (If its a female officer).

7. Hey wow its Barney Fife!

8. Want a hit? It's primo stuff!

9. Not that I did it but what would happen if I....

10. My gun is bigger than yours!

11. Cash or credit card for your bribe?

12. The body is in the trunk.

13. Hey I think I did your wife last night!!!

14.  Wow no gym membership eh?

15. Whens the baby due? (To a fat male cop)


I think I might try #9 and ...

I think I might try #9 and see how that works...LOL!!!

lol. i like number 12.

lol. i like number 12.

I like " hows your wife ...

I like " hows your wife and my kids ?"

Bad cop, no donuts!!

Bad cop, no donuts!!

A friend in college ...

A friend in college actually said, "What's wrong Assifer" when she got pulled over. She did get a ticket.

Officulties Difficer? ...

Officulties Difficer?

Drunk much there buddy ?

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slappy, I bet you have heard some really cute words from the drunks retards. Share them if you can!

"Officulties ...

"Officulties Difficer?"


"Is there an oblem profficer?"

"Is there an oblem profficer?"

i am not dunking frunk ...

i am not dunking frunk ociffer. i dunno wha your saying!