It felt sooo good...

I did the "law of the garbage truck" thing today!!
I was driving, of course, and a lady was BEHIND, yes, behind me and we all, in my lane, HAD to merge into another lane and you know when you're driving behind a bunch of cars in a line, it moves slowly. well, Ms. Thing decides she doesn't want to wait her turn for the people in front of her, e.g. ME and as soon as I was just starting to merge over, she wants to go all Dale Earnhardt on me and speed up from behind me and she almost HIT me but luckily no one was comin in the left lane so she was able to QUICKLY JERK, and I mean jerk, over into that lane and when she passed me on my left she had the UGLIEST face and I could tell she was cursing too, BUT what did I do??!! she decided to qualify for NASCAR while merging into the lane while the rest of us were merging at the same safe speed!

SO, when I was able to get by and drove by her about 30 seconds later, in the FAR left lane, no less, I FLASHED my BEST smile at her and she was FUMING!! After all, what did I do??

**side note--people who are rude should also be added to the category, I thought it was already there, but it's not.


ive noticed while working ...

ive noticed while working retail that the best revenge on an angry customer is to give them your sweetest and kindest attitude. it gets them more POed. lol. ahh, good times.

My mom always said "You ...

My mom always said "You catch more flies with sugar then shit" or something along those lines!

I'm all for the death ...

I'm all for the death penalty for traffic violations. :) I find that killing people with kindness really does piss them off.

You've got THAT right!!

You've got THAT right!!