lets hope that it doesn't take 8 years


Let's hope they get this ...

Let's hope they get this taken care of fast. The poor family. I cannot believe that man is only 49. I thought he was about 15 years older from the picture.

yeah, he looks 69, not ...

yeah, he looks 69, not 49!
too bad he ain't in TX or they would prob execute him tomorrow! LOL!

Too bad they can't execute ...

Too bad they can't execute him slowly (at least not legally) and more than one time.

now you're talkin!

now you're talkin!

HE needs to be raped and ...

HE needs to be raped and buried alive. This one should have been taken behind the courthouse and killed immediately. I mean do the anti-death penalty crybabys honestly think that would be a bad thing ? It's silly that the anti-death penalty people just won't admit that if it was THEIR kid that got raped and murdered they would in fact want the f**cker put do death immediately. Anybody who says they wouldn't is a LIAR. Period. The anti-death penalty people support and encourage murder and rape until it happens to their kid, then they suddenly support the death penalty. If they would just pull their heads out of their asses now, we could get our death penalty system working like it should be working.

this guy is why i support ...

this guy is why i support the death penalty. he did it, he said he did it and if left alone would do it again. there should be no lawyers clogging up the system trying to over turn the verdic. he is guilty give him the needle.

Death row inmates say that ...

Death row inmates say that life in prison with NO chance for parole is worse. Guards know it too, they're the worst to handle because they have lost EVERYTHING and have NOTHING more to lose. Once dead they're story is over and there's no real punishment.

As much as I'd like some provision for one's like this, Entirely too many have been killed with YOUR and MY tax dollars, making US culpable, when they were perfectly innocent. Those are some of the only other cases in which I'd like to see someone put to death - those that framed them.

People have gone to extremes and on one side they say killing is wrong, period. When we, as a society, condone any killing we condone killing. Either it is acceptable under some circumstances or it isn't. I believe if someone enters my house uninvited, attempting to do me harm, I have the right to use any and all means of force necessary to protect it. Certain lines MUST be drawn. A man's or woman's home IS their castle. And those who admit freely they tortured or killed ought to also be put to death. That's where I stand. That's why I don't think Bush has the right to live. Some things just cross the line.

As if that makes any sense ...

As if that makes any sense at all.

People who have nothing to lose are not nice people. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that.

People who have a chance to get out, and get out sooner than their sentence have incentives for "good behavior". Those incentives are in place because they work. Those prisoners behave themselves and they get rewarded for it. There are NO incentives for lifers. What you claim simply does not add up. Prison policies (early release, time off sentence for good behavior) and statistics prove otherwise Walter.



Life in prison is not a ...

Life in prison is not a deterrent. Prison is a step up from the place most of the people on the inside came from. So to them, going to prison is a pleasure. The average prison inmate in the US makes $ 70,000 for every year they are in. Thats too much. It costs MUCH less to just kill them. As said before the system is not perfect and juries have wrongly convicted people in the past. However, with todays DNA technology this is almost a thing OF the past. Quick executions upon conviction will save the lives of thousands whereas abolishing the death penalty will only save the lives of a couple people here and there. The more sensible of the two choices is obvious, even to a retarded third grader.

Ok, I am with Walter on ...

Ok, I am with Walter on the lifers. I worked at an all male unit in Kyle, TX and there were 3 lifers there. They knew they weren't getting out, they caused NO trouble. The were the ones that helped the counselers, and one was actually the wardens assistant. He did filing and everything. He was one of the best trusties(sp). He looked craxy, was in for murder, and he spoke so soft it was scarry! But he had special privledges, and was actually like another C.O. He was one of the few that actually DO get reformed..cause they realize that there is not much else to do when they are in for life. He actually tried to make the best of his time..I think he was in his 50's and had been in jail since he was 20 or 21.

That being said, molesters should get the chair...not injection, but the CHAIR! (I don't think Huntsville uses the chair anymore....supposed to be "inhumaine"(sp) Doesn't matter they molested kids, and chopped them up into small pieces, or burried them alive to slowly sufficate, do not let these BASTARDS out! As soon as court is over..walk them out, drive them to Huntsvill Texas, and we will fry them fast, and we will fry them so good, their soul won't even have a CHANCE in going to another place!
Eggs anyone????