Rude people by e-mail


I have been using e-mail for the last 10 years and it seems that people are getting ruder via e-mail. What gives?

Well, not so long ago, I received a rude e-mail response at work from an inquiry to which I replied. I got something to the nature of: I will NOT be requiring your service ... (use your imagination here.) [I don't want to post it verbatim since the response shocked me when I first read it. Now, I'm just mad.] 

Now, was that necessary? Notice the all caps for the word 'not.' Is this anyone's pet peeve? The person didn't have to be nasty in the e-mail and I didn't need his response, especially if the answer was no.

There is no need to be unnecessarily rude, which I€™m afraid I will never understand why people are. Sometimes, it€™s best just to have silence rather than saying something that can be hurtful. 

Well, thanks for reading my rant! It felt good to let it out. Have a great day and I hope that you don't encounter someone like I did recently.


I get that all the time ...

I get that all the time and half the time it is a junk email anyways. don't let it get to you. People shouldn't be rude over the internet. period.

Give their e-mail address ...

Give their e-mail address to a porn site. Let them get penis enlargement ads for a while. Send an e-mail to every hotel and travel site you can think of asking if they give AARP discounts. If you use the sites form you can leave Mr Rudes e-mail address instead of yours. He will get slammed with spam from those sites.
Or you could be nice and ignore the rude people.

I like Amarettoxo's idea.

I like Amarettoxo's idea.

im with amaretto on that ...

im with amaretto on that too. lol.

i like amaretto's idea ...

i like amaretto's idea also. it's hard to ignore rude people and it's my opinion that they are worse now then when i was a kid. not just email but in the stores and on the road. people are just rude now a days.

People are rude on email ...

People are rude on email because they don't suffer any consequences for it.

mry_m--- you are not alone ...

mry_m--- you are not alone in your opinion of people not being as courteous and caring as they used to be. When ostracism and peer pressure for good was replaced with political correctness we didn't see it coming. For instance, speeding cars in front of your house--- in the past it would have been several neighbors speaking to the speeder and it would have stopped. Now the one person with the backbone to yell at the perp gets flipped off, their mail box at the curb gets bashed at night, or God forbid they get shot at. It's the little things (taking off your ballcap in a restaurant) that have become the bigger things (I don't care if it was your turn at the stop sign/I'm going, so hit me). When the majority of our society quits standing up for what's right we will go the way of Rome.

I agree with amaretto and ...

I agree with amaretto and mry-m too
and chubbymouse, I know a story that happened in Chalmette before the hurricane where a man was standing outside with his kids and other parents and their kids waiting for the school bus to come and an idiot SPED by and the guy yelled at him to slow down, WELL, guess what happened, the guy made the block and came BACK AND KILLED HIM IN FRONT OF ALL THOSE PEOPLE AND KIDS!!!! I think he shot him, and of course the paper said that he was mentally unstable and all that crap!! WHY is that ALWAYS the excuse?? the man's mom said on TV that she had been begging him to take his meds but he refused!! WTF!!

I think email gives a ...

I think email gives a sense of anonymity and facelessness to people. They figure they can be rude, because someone isn't there to react personally. Of course, this isn't an excuse, just a reason. Unfortunately (since I now work at an elementary school), I think the rudeness is now shifting to "real life", in the form of the "E-Generation".

people are just plain out ...

people are just plain out rude and don't give a flying f*ck what you think about it either, it's like "yeah, I'm rude, so what" kind of attitude.

I hate it when people are ...

I hate it when people are unnessacarly rude. I got a nasty note the other day, and I was so mad because all it would of taken was one polite sentence to get their point across, not a two page manifesto of hate.

it's too easy to be nice ...

it's too easy to be nice lizdini, case in point your story proves it. that person could've probably said what he/she wanted in a few sentences but they go OUT of their way to be MEAN!!

Sad, but true!

Sad, but true!

Thing has given ...

Thing has given people the right to be rude because they don't have to be face to face with the person they're actually speaking with.

And in my opinion..that's just plain wrong!!

I can't stand it when people don't proofread their emails before they send them!! What may have been said in a completely different tone face to face with someone might come across completely differently in an email!!

I ALWAYS proofread my emails before I send them! Not just once for punctuation and spelling..but in addition..I put myself on the receiver's end!!