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i am so irritated with my skin. seriously, i look like i dont bathe or something. why do i break out so much? i wash my face every morning, i dont touch my face. why? so now im stuck at work with mt everest on my forehead and cheek. not to mention scarring on my other cheek that wont clear up no matter what i do. i had to resort to wearing, dare i admit to it...MAKEUP! *cries* i hate makeup. i never wear it. but i just looks terrible.


That can really suck - I ...

That can really suck - I used to have that problem. Don't know your age but it might be one of those temporary stages. Try 'Olay' daily facial cleansing cloths (for your skin type). They rock! PLUS! try 'Bare Escentuals' mineral powder to keep the oil under control. It really does make your skin look flawless. I was a skin care specialist & make up artist with Chanel & Lancome for many years and I find these two products are better. Good Luck! :)

thanks. and im 23. ...


and im 23.

i guess im still at an age where skin is a problem for me. i hate how my boyfriend has flawless skin. hes like a freggin doll or something. i have my halloween costume and its a "sexy" costume. i need to get my skin looking good otherwise, "sexy" costume becomes, "ewww, why is she wearing that? shes not sexy!"

Girl - sexy starts with ...

Girl - sexy starts with YOU! I'm sure you'll look great. Have you tried like a mud mask just on the blemishes? Leave it on there 'till it's completely dry and then GENTLY rinse it off with COOL water-hot water will inflame it worse.
What are you dressing up as? Hey - If your face isn't cleared up you could get one of those cool sexy masks that looks like 'cat woman'! That would look hot!

http://www.halloweenexpres ...


this is my costume.

will a mudmask reduce the redness?? i dont usually use masks. i never think to use them.

I love that ...

I love that costume...that's so cute! If they're red try putting preparation-h on them. It won't get rid of them but it will reduce and redness or swelling and make them much less noticable.

i havent used the samples ...

i havent used the samples you gave me yet. i get stuck in my morning routine and im so anal about it that i forget about it. i will try to remember put the product in the shower tonight so i will use it tomorrow morning.

prep.H....i heard that works. wierd. perhaps i should try. i just want to reduce the size and brightness. they already look better this afternoon. my guess is the shower brightened them for a while. stupid warm water.

As your post is titled ...

As your post is titled Hormones, I am only assuming why you have chosen that title. A few things that you can try that seem to help my daughter is that you absolutely do not drink soft drinks or eat chocolate these next few days. In fact, drink plenty of water -- it purifies the body in many ways.

Another tip is to find a green cream concealer. The green neutralizes the skin's red tone caused by pimples or other irritants.

Since you don't care for make-up, you could use the green concealer, with just a slight dab of regular concealer on top of it.

Good luck!

well, coming from me who ...

well, coming from me who tried proactiv, I don't know what the hell to do, I have OILY skin, nothing works, I break out all the time, everywhere!
upper arms, back, neck, I HATE IT!! I feel like a walking pimple sometimes!

ugh. being human sucks!

ugh. being human sucks!

I’m sure Michael Jackson ...

I’m sure Michael Jackson can hook you up with HIS skin guy. Mean. I'm sorry. Humor is my defense mechanism.

lol....ooooooh BURRRNNNNN!!!

lol....ooooooh BURRRNNNNN!!!

Do you wear makeup? Try ...

Do you wear makeup? Try not using it for a few days, that may alleviate the problem. The problem could be diet based, could be anything from chocolate or vegetable allergies. Are you under stress thats a big cause of skin blemishes? I had the same problem with acne, turns out I was overwashing my face (washed it 3 times a day). See a dermatologist, its worth the cash.

lol. walter. ...

lol. walter.

rkinne...i dont EVER wear makeup. i have to now to try and cover up some of it while at work. i am a receptionist. first impressions you know. ;-). i dont really eat chocolate. or veggies. HA. no stress. im a very relaxed person. i HIGHLY doubt im overwashing my face. i wash in the morning shower and MAYBE SOMETIMES at night before bed. thats it. ill wipe my face down with a baby wipe while at work because my face gets so oily i can cook fries on it.

My hormones are killing me ...

My hormones are killing me too... My boobs have gotten 4" bigger since Sunday! Now I have to go buy new bras!

I am not sure how old most ...

I am not sure how old most of you are but I am going thru menopause...talk about frickin' hormones. If I have to pluck one more chin hair......lol..and a zit at age 50?? whats with that????

dang, i wish my boobs got ...

dang, i wish my boobs got 4 inches bigger. lol.

shay, i am sooo not looking foreward to menopause.

No ya don't conana - ...

No ya don't conana - they're awful sore!

I wish mine were about 4 ...

I wish mine were about 4 inches SMALLER along with the rest of me, a WHOLE LOT smaller!!!

conana, menopause is not ...

conana, menopause is not so bad, if you dont mind the :
hot flashes
night sweats
weight gain (thats part of the reason for the diet)
interrupted sleep at night(it just happens, you wake up a couple times a night)for what ever reason
but hey no more periods..(can i say that?..LOL)