I KNOW I wouldn't want to go in a bathroom and HEAR this!!!


i like how the article ...

i like how the article says, "the American Civil Liberties Union is arguing that people who have sex in public bathrooms have an expectation of privacy."

note the key word...PUBLIC in that sentence...5 words before PRIVACY!! you are in a public place, dont expect privacy!

i expect privacy in a ...

i expect privacy in a public bathroom when i use it as it was intended. i don't think the toilets were intended to be used for sex or they would have been built with sound proof doors and walls. in my opinion (she said getting up on her soap box) a public bathroom is not the place to have sex. and should be illegal. i know if i walked in on someone having sex i would call the manager and ask that they be removed.

The ACLU has lost its ...

The ACLU has lost its collective mind! Sex is for PRIVATE ONLY -- not public places, whether bathroom, restaurant table, baseball diamond. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

I am not one who curses, as a rule, but this is one of those things that makes me so indignant that people believe they ACTUALLY SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONDUCT THEIR SEXUAL AFFAIRS IN PUBLIC. What, next it will be that we have to wait in line outside the restroom while Jack and Jill/Jack and Jack/Jill and Jill finish their copulation or "other" sexual activities.


The world is getting sicker and sicker; it's getting so bad that we will completely lose the ability to safely utilize facilities intended for relieving our bladders and bowels and washing up when we're done. :(

Not so fast Cona we do ...

Not so fast Cona we do expect privacy in the bathroom even if it is in a public place. If we had no expectation to privacy in the bathroom then stores would be allowed to put video camera in the stalls or at the urinals. I think its tacky to have sex in a restroom but if people can be discreet about it and not disturb my intended business what do I care?

I'm also wondering if this would be as big an issue if weren't aimed at gay men. It seems like everytime we need some one to blame for something the finger is always pointed at homosexual community. Seems to me that gays are among the last group of people that is ok to be biggoted against. Instead of focusing on folks having conseual sex, why don't we work on something like ending the war or feeding the homeless. I would also point out that whether its gay or straight people, sex in public bathrooms is not very common.

LOL, I KNEW this would get ...

LOL, I KNEW this would get a rise out of you guys. It's so STUPID!!

wierd, AK. lol. what i ...

wierd, AK. lol.

what i mean by public bathrooms not being private is the fact that when you use the bathroom, anyone in there with you knows EXACLTY what youre doing in there. aside from nose picking and other "soundless" things like that. youre business is well known to everyone in that bathroom once you sit down (or stand up, for the guys) to pee or sit to take an enormous poop. its totally public business from there. i dont expect privacy in the public bathrooms. knowing my luck, ive had a few video cameras on me. so i wave to every wall and corner in the stall just to let them know that i dont give a darn that theyre taping me.

and how on earth did my coffee get so cold so fast!!?