she's crazy...

no other way to say it!  this woman was the MOTHER to these 4 girls found dead in the house and she said that they were possessed and all died within a 7 day period of each other!  she also said that she had NOT fed them for QUITE some time BEFORE their deaths!  WHERE THE F*CK WERE THE FATHERSSSSS??!!  I say fathers, because she had 3 paternity suits.  4 kids with 3 men!  One of them was as old as 17!  HOW could someone THAT OLD NOT fight back and get some help for her and her sisters?  I guess we'll never know.


It's obvious that the ...

It's obvious that the mother was VERY psychologically ill..and where the fathers were...they sounded like deadbeat dads to begins with so...

My question is:

Where the HELL was the school system regarding all of this since all four girls were of school of them being 5 years old.

First of all, you can't tell me that a teacher can't pick up on the fact that a 5 year old hasn't been fed in awhile.

Second of all...where the HELL was the school system when ALL four girls failed to show up for school AT THE SAME TIME???

In this day and age, teachers are trained to look for this sort of shit and the littlest thing will trigger a call to Social Services who will look into it further.

Where the hell WERE THEY?? Obviously NOT making a house call to make sure her kids were okay.

Where the hell was Social Services when ALL 4 GIRLS weren't at school???

After reading further..the ...

After reading further..the school system DID try to contact her via phone and email and she said that she was withdrawing her kids from school and homeschooling them.

Irregardless..I find it a little hard to believe that the system would leave it alone IF the 5 year old's teacher had tuned into the fact that the poor little girl hadn't been fed. (In this day and age..teachers (K-5) are TRAINED to see this sort of thing).

I guess we'll never know, but the thing is....I know of situations where DSS (Dept of Social Services) has bent over backwards to check out situations that were less than nothing just to make sure the children were safe..and I can't believe in this situation..they sat back on their haunches and thought, "Ok..the mother's fine..the kids are fine...she's homeschooling....let's move on......."

...Can't blame it on the dads..they were obviously deadbeats from the beginning (according to the numerous paternity suits) what do THEY care??



i read that they went to ...

i read that they went to the door but no one answered so they left. the whole thing just makes me sick. i will never understand how a person could harm a child.

and why didn't they try ...

and why didn't they try and fight back?? maybe they did try but they were weak?